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WP: Behind "incendiary speaker" Churchill hiding "war criminal and stupid imperialist"

WP: Behind "incendiary speaker" Churchill hiding "war criminal and stupid imperialist"

Tags: United Kingdom, History, War

"The story will be kind to me, because I'm going to write her self ", - Winston Churchill once declared. "He was one of the great mass murderers of the 20th century and the only one who, unlike Hitler and Stalin, escaped the general historical condemnation in the West"The Indian politician Shashi Tarur writes on the pages of The Washington Post. Churchill was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, and the actor who played it (Gary Oldman) received an Oscar.

As Hollywood confirms, Churchill's reputation is almost entirely based on his "Incendiary rhetoric" During the Second World War. "Words are the only thing Churchill fans can point out. His actions are a completely different matter ", - the author of the material notes.

During the Second World War, Churchill was a supporter of "Terrorist bombing" and wanted "Absolutely devastating, total attacks of heavy bombers", which resulted in the bombing of Dresden. During the Anglo-Irish War of Independence Churchill, then acting military minister, advocated the bombing of Irish protesters and in 1920 said that airplanes should be used against them "Machine guns or bombs."

During the riots in Mesopotamia in 1921, as Minister of the colonies, Churchill stated: "I very much support the use of poisonous gas against uncivilized tribes, this will cause great fear". He ordered a large-scale bombardment of Mesopotamia, during which the whole village was destroyed in 45 minutes.

In Afghanistan, Churchill stated that the Pashtuns "Must recognize the superiority of the British race". He wrote: "We acted systematically, village after village, destroyed houses, buried wells, blew up towers, cut down trees, burned bushes ... Every Pashtun was stabbed or hacked down".

In Kenya, Churchill participated in the policy of forcibly relocating local residents from the fertile territory or directing it - in order to liberate this place for the colonists - and sent more than 150 thousand people to the concentration camps.

However, the main victims of Churchill were Indians - "A brutal people with a brutal religion", as he kindly called them. He wanted to use chemical weapons in India, but his colleagues stopped him, whom he reproached in "Finicky".

"In such matters, Churchill was the most reactionary Englishman with such radical views that they can not be forgiven with an amendment to his era", - writes Tarur. Even Indian Prime Minister Leopold Emery admitted that he had seen "A small difference between the positions of Churchill and Hitler".

Because of Churchill, about 4 million Bengalis died of starvation in 1943, and he ordered the code to confiscate food from a starving Indian population and send it to well-to-do British soldiers. When he was reminded of the sufferings of the Hindus, he replied that "They are to blame for their hunger, because they breed like rabbits."

"Many of us will remember Churchill as a war criminal and an enemy of decency and humanity, a stupid imperialist indifferent to the oppression of non-white people", - sums up the author.

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