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"I love you, Russia!" From the French blogs

Women envy. Why Russian are so beautiful!

After spending a week in Moscow, I was convinced by their own eyes that the young Russian girls are very beautiful. Very beautiful ! They have a class a few arrogant of course, but it gives them additional charm. Their mystique and coolness are attractive. Short of their beauty falls into a depression, but as I wrote, komples disappear when you look at their mothers, as their beauty does not last, 40 years after they are unattractive!

Why they are so beautiful ?! In Europe in the Middle Ages, witches were burned at the stake. And witches were not old women, most of them were young attractive women.

But in Russia, there was no such distinction, and therefore there is a wealth of genes preserved in all its diversity. Perhaps this explains the Russian beauty.

In general, they are more beautiful than us, and to blame our ancestors, this is nothing to be done about it!

Anne Claire2010 year



Male French perspective on Russian girls

The most beautiful in St. Peterburge- this girl. Beautiful girl in Russia- it is not a legend. They have a peculiar way of looking at man, they treat you without taking his eyes as face control. First, it is very embarrassing, but then notes that the Russian all look so both men and women.

Cyril2015 year



Unusual Russia.

We will not tell you about the visits to the numerous churches, one more beautiful than the other, great museums .... Others have done it before us.

We would like to share their impressions of the streets and public places in Moscow.

Moscow-clean city: on the sidewalks do not roll paper and cigarette butts (As in Paris, prim.perevodchika), Almost no graffiti on the walls, amazingly clean toilets and subway, given the level of attendance. Some stations Metropolitena- real works of art.

More surprises us brought up the behavior of young people. The subway car became an elderly lady ... reflex of young people getting comfortable on the seats: immediately jump up and give way. We also saw the three young men stood up at the same time, to give place to a pregnant woman.

We know that it is called the «savoir vivre» (the ability to live in society, good manners), and that this should be a natural habit, but we pay attention to it, as in France, the majority of this behavior is absent.

Young people, who in Russia to a greater extent than older people speak English, always ready to help you and show the way. They even take you a few tens of meters, make sure that you are on the right track.

Once we went to the bar. At the next table a group of young people dined. Good waiter, he speaks only in Russian, but we do not know a single word .... it is unclear to us to order. A young girl from the next table, seeing our embarrassment, asked

us in English what our problems and helped us order food and then saw to it that we had been right on the account. She said goodbye to us with the words: "I love Paris ..."

We wanted to write about all of this as a remarkable quality of «savoir vivre» forgotten in France, we have also received the lesson, as they should be kept clean public spaces.

Bravo Russian culture behavior.

JESSIE and MAURICE 2014 year



8 day of March in Russia.

Today we are celebrating the Day Women in Russia 8 of March. As in France, you tell me. As in France, but not quite. Women's Day in Frantsii- is often the opportunity to post on facebook picture of this kind:

"Leave! You then complete it tomorrow! "

Macho humor in relation to the French women who have beat out of her husband, the guys are doing around the house, a bouquet of flowers for the holiday.

In Russia- it is really day Women!

Husbands, co-workers, strangers on the street ..... everywhere you give flowers. This year the holiday fell on Sunday. The first bunches of women have begun to give their colleagues on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday florists took possession of his street and was almost impossible to find a woman without a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

The metro man handing out cards for women with poems on the streets handing out flowers.

My parents were leaving on Sunday. At the moment when they gave the keys, the owner of the apartment gave us bunches of flowers, each one of us. Just. Because it was the day 8 of March!

FLORIANE. 2015 year



Red Square.

Red area- my love at first sight! I had tears in my eyes, when I saw St. Basil's Cathedral. Under the flakes of falling snow, it was even more beautiful than in my imagination.

CINDY 2013 year



Pancakes and caviar

I love pancakes! In Russia, I stuffed pancakes! Thin, thick, sweet, salty, under any sauce, but you can for a glass of vodka for better digestion! Russian short eat pancakes every day. But if someone believes that Russia will come to eat to satiety and caviar (I just thought so), I hasten to disappoint you. In Russia, the eggs the same way as in France. That is the amount of time I ate black caviar here: ZERO.



French students in school N peterburskoy ° 596 

«Я you люблю Russia! "

Reception was so warm, where we were not. Saint Petersburg I fell in love with you! The cold, which schipet nose, did not feel warmth through your people. So many memories after this trip, it is impossible to list them all. But what will remain forever in my memory:

  Sourires Smiles, covering the school students face n ° 596

  Amour love for your country, which you gave us

  Inimitable inimitable delicious Russian breakfast of porridge and pita

  Nature Nature which delights with its beauty and diversity

  Traditions your tradition, which we liked


   Profonde your enthusiasm and faith

   Elégance Elegance your girls

   TTalent alent of your youth

   Emerveillement My admiration for your wonderful architectural art

   Richesse richness of your culture

   Souveraineté Tasty tea

   БLina Bliny.Ya now I am their fan

   Or Gold your temples

   Ultime Last farewell school n ° 596

   RWealth ichesse your gastronomy

   Gentlemen Russian gentlemen who helped us always!


TheThank you behind all! Rebecca. 2013 year


Translator's Note: If you look at the first letter of each sentence vertically, you getSAINTPETERSBOURG. It is written the name of St. .Petersburg French.



10 000 km bicycles on Russia(Excerpts from the blog)

Why we decided to cross the largest country in the world by bicycle? We are often asked this question. One of the reasons was that we knew practically nothing about this country. Not many Europeans travel to Russia on bicycles: the cost of visa, the vastness of the country, politics, language barrier ... It does not matter, we still want to discover this mysterious country, and she did not disappoint us!

Here is a typical example of the dialogue that preceded our voyage:

We will go by Europe on bicycles

-Wow !

- We cross the North Pole

- Class!

- We drive to the Japan

- Wow!

- And we will cross Russia

Chtoooo ?! Я not misheardDo you want to die young, right? Are you crazy? You definitely abnormal, it is dangerous, you obokradut, there is a mafia everywhere, they drive cars like crazy on the roads, reminiscent of minefields, on every street corner police corruption will have racket and Siberian tigers will eat you alive. When were you there last?

- Um, actually, to get our foot has never trod


Well, where is he, this "evil Russian"? Another cliché vanished like smoke. We were frightened in France: beware, keep an eye on their backpacks and bicycles, otherwise you'll have to return on foot.

All time (70 days) of our trip to Russia, wenevernot felt like in danger. No one has ever even tried anything from steal us. We do not have met the person with bad or aggressive intentions.


Russia did not seem to us, in spite of the popular belief corrupt country. Another cliché is not confirmed. We were told if you stop on the road the police, they will require from you a bribe, before you continue your journey. We do not stolkivaetsya with this situation. The police on the roads we are constantly ignored. The shops and restaurants we did not have the impression that we are forced to pay the fare "tourist."


Well, what about the "crazy drivers"! Take any Russian, pleasant in communication, clever, reasonable and put him behind the wheel of any car. He is turning into a reckless and unreasonable person before your very eyes. As if there is some mysterious mechanism and some of the neurons in his brain are making a strike. To be honest, then I and Emilia in general, in principle, never feel calm when driving someone else. But in Russia this is something! When someone here kindly offered us a ride by car, we usually happily agreed. But soon they began to bite their fingers. Despite the not very good condition of roads, the speed limit for this is forgotten. Continuous lines? This is for weaklings. To overtake on a bend or on the side when there is no visibility? Yes, do not worry, I have never had an accident, everything will be OK!

But at the same time, when it comes to cyclists, this crazy Russian driving disappears completely. We do not chuvstvali themselves in greater danger behind the wheel bicycle in Russia than any other To some country. As far as we do not feel safe in cars, so we were safely on the bikes.

And one more cliche was not justified. Russian does not drink when driving. The law does not allow a single gram of alcohol.(Translator's note: about 2 allowed to drink a glass of wine in France)

.................................................. ...................

Russian generous and hospitable. It's part of their culture, we are constantly left from those who have sheltered more loaded than on arrival. From 70-minute nights spent in Russia, 54 we conducted among residents, and almost every time they invited us to dine with them. It happened that when we set up the tent, some neighbor offered us to provide shelter and feed. Sometimes we were even pleased to spend the night in a tent, it is somehow justified what we drags her with him for so long.


In Emilia problem with his left knee. The terrible pain. Getting to Khabarovsk. We stop at Sergei. This remarkable man called around half of the city and by car took us to the doctors. Imagine thanks to him for two days, we visited a physician, made ekografiyu, Doppler, the IRM, and consulted at ortopedista, a specialist in Chinese medicine, osteopathy and point masseur!

Within two or three weeks we will have a break from the bike. peresyadem they probably already in Japan. Do not worry, the mood is still very good, even though we are now traveling with bicycles, but not to them.


Roman2016 year


Note pervodchika: natural that in 10 000 km and entered trnansibirsky Express and travel by buses and mashinah.Zdes are just small portions of a very long description 70-minute day trip and Romain Sylvia.


And finally ...

The Frenchman, who lives in Russia :

The longer I live in this country, the more I love her. With its inhabitants, such different from us, with their way of life different from ours ... all my compatriots who are interested in Russian, I allow myself to give advice to come to live here for some time, to share the difficulties and happiness of life with these people who are proud of their country such courageous in their daily lives ... Russian touching in all that relates to friendship, their respect for others, with regard to the family, they are "real", and they are proud of the fact that they are Russian!

Michel 2015 year


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