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Yakov Kedmi wiped his nose at the Russian liberal: "Afghanistan was smashed by the Americans"

Ex-head of Israeli intelligence "Nativ" Yakov Kedmi on the air of the "Red Project" program rebuffed the Russian liberal Leonid Gozman.

The program was largely devoted to the Cold War of the West against Russia. Yakov Kedmi began by pointing out when the Cold War against Russia actually began:

According to him, it never stopped, but was not total, because everyone had their own interests. At the same time, one of the most important actors of the Cold War, which has always been the main rival of the Russian Empire, is Great Britain.

He also noted that the Cold War was turning into a "hot" one.

Kedmi stressed that the Cold War was before the First World War, within the framework of which the training of the Austro-Hungarian army, Pelsudski led the Polish army, and the birth of the "bandera". This is also in the framework of the Cold War against the Russian Empire. There was no communism.

Further, after the revolution, an ideological moment was added to this. Not instead, but in addition, and the Cold War against the Soviet Union continued until the outbreak of World War II and until the victory in 1945. After that, it also continued and continues to this day. We need ideology - we will add, there is no ideology - it does not matter.

Kedmi also highlighted an important point:

Thus, the first communist parties, the strongest ones, in France and Italy, were frightened. And so they said: "If you knock out the economic base from under them, it may be possible. Therefore, the Marshall Plan began.

Then the former head of Israeli intelligence made a remark on Afghanistan:

Before the arrival of the Americans there was a state that functioned: badly, well, with a dictatorship as always, but it was, and the state was destroyed by the Taliban with the support of the American army. At the same time, he singled out an important idea:

The main reason for the Cold War against Russia, Kedmi called the victory over Napoleon:

And his separate judgment in the end was devoted to the emergence of the State of Israel. He noted three factors.

The first - almost all Jewish political movements were destroyed in Europe. The largest Jewish party in Poland in 1938 received 90% in elections and was physically destroyed.

The second is an occasional question of the interests of the United States of America, which wanted to oust British and French imperialism from the Middle East and take their place, and the Soviet Union, which wanted to oust British imperialism.

And the third - if there was Roosevelt, then there would be no Israel, because Roosevelt was a strong president who did not need support. He had his own financiers.

At the same time, according to Kedmi, Truman was a weak, casual president, and he needed political support in the United States. He needed Jewish money and support. And Truman raped the US administration and the Pentagon, who were against the creation of Israel, just to gain support in the domestic American struggle. And this led to a change in position.

The Russian liberal Leonid Gozman was not able to answer the "deadly" arguments of the former head of Israeli intelligence, Nativ.

A source: Word and Deed

Author: Ivan Gogh

Tags: Russia, Politics, West

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