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Juncker: English loses importance in Europe

English lose importance in Europe, said European Commission President Jean-Klod Yunker; The media interpreted this statement as Juncker another attack against the United Kingdom, which comes out of the EU structure.

"Slowly but surely, the English language is losing importance in Europe", - said Juncker, speaking at the European University of Florence, writes Express.

Juncker has announced that he intends to speak in French, rather than English.

"In addition, on Sunday, we, in France, the election, and I would like them to understand what I am talking about Europe and its people", - said Juncker.

After that, Juncker went on to "reconciliatory rhetoric" about the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union, calling it a "tragedy."

Recall, the UK should leave the EU at midnight March 30 2019 years.

Prior to that, Juncker said that the United Kingdom will be able to withdraw from the EU only after the payment of 63 billion euros. However, the British minister David Davis rejected the possibility of exit from the EU payment.

A source: LOOK

Author: Olga Nikitina

Tags: Europe, Language, United Kingdom

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