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11.05.2017 - 19: 24

For what and with whom we were at war. The significance of Victory

Each year Victory Day May 9 answers many interrelated issues. What is today's Russia? What are its main values? whether it has retained its historical identity since the last change in the socio-economic stakes? Genuine deep feeling with which the country worships the Great Victory, reveals the enormous potential of national unity. Millions of people are coming out of the heart the command of the streets, show that they constitute not only the population, but the Nation - the phenomenon of world history and culture.

In those days, it becomes clear how great the need for unifying the historical experience, how strong will feel as one, the continuity of living organisms - with their goals and values, connection between the past, present and future.

9 May young and old, rich and poor, strong and feeble, "successful" and concerned - the people separated by thousands of reasons and circumstances, become one.

In the 2014 last year once again amazed lukewarm Europe "mysterious" Russia, which despite the mockery, the internal disunity and vacillation has shown that knows how to honor its past, and thus once again claimed the right to self-historical future. The transformation of this building into a powerful factor in the development will, of course, depend on the speedy overcoming serious the problems in our society and the state and the difficult economic and social ills.

However, it is the overcoming of ideological chaos and confusion is the most important prerequisite for solving social and economic problems. Advanced technology parks will earn from us, unless much-needed modernization of Russia will be based on the semantic goals and values ​​of national life. And, of course, but it will ensure the independence of Russia in a historic decision, and therefore the rightful place in international relations.

Remembering the great wars of the XX century, Russian is always applauded his Western allies - the British, the Americans and the French, his brothers-in-arms from Eastern Europe. Although these countries could be heard, and heard a lot of poisonous words on those holy days, the Russian did not drop so far as to forget their contribution to the common victory. Capable of such one who is confident, and needs no denying others to elevate themselves.

The world as a whole, impressed and took note of this.

Бессильная злоба неизлечимых нигилистов как в самой России, так и за рубежом вызвана не столько самим Праздником Победы в России, парадами на Красной площади, сколько искренним общенациональным порывом. Миллионноголосый хор российской молодежи, с упоением гордости за Родину подхватывающий на праздничных стадионах военные песни, звучит подобно иерихонской трубе. Она сокрушает многолетние потуги развенчать наше прошлое, которое остается опорным камнем национального сознания. А значит, вопросы, «за что и с кем мы воевали», и «что осталось от нашей Победы», становятся сегодня еще актуальнее.

Documents before the war, the military and the recent past give us unexpected evidence revealing the underlying motives of the dramatic and ambitious contradictions of the twentieth century, it is not always associated with the communist nature of the USSR.

It is in this context should be read materials that illustrate the relationship between the USSR and the Allies. For example, the message the leaders of Britain and the United States, which pay tribute to the leadership of the Soviet Union, faithful to its obligations, and the valor and sacrifice of our military. "Free World," then do not bother, it was the Red Army!

Dry statistics: on the Eastern Front, Hitler lost 607 divisions, while all the rest - 176, in three and a half times less. Then no one in doubt, whose contribution to the victory over fascism, more weight, and no one identified Nazism and communism.

On the one hand, the documents show how artificial and sluzhebno current identification Nazi and communism. On the other hand, they show how a radical change in the balance of forces suddenly turns into the opponent's ally. History teaches today soberly aware of the price of hugs in world politics: it is not ruled by gratitude and loyalty, and abiding interests.

How pitiful looks and unfair propaganda against the Soviet role in the war against the background of the unfolding of the Great Game of the great powers! At a time when the main policy tool serving information technology, and the manipulation of consciousness, is especially useful to apply ad fontes - to historical sources.

Наша задача — системно противодействовать тотальному извращению смысла Второй мировой войны. Официальные документы, начиная с 1990-х годов, особенно постановления прибалтийских государств, говорят о полной смене политических ориентиров. Нельзя не заметить, что они следуют в русле, целенаправленно и давно сформированном в США. Среди опубликованных документов можно найти пресловутый закон PUBLIC LAW 86—90 «О порабощенных нациях», принятый Конгрессом США в 1959 году по инициативе Льва Добрянского. Примечательно, что этот идеолог прославления бандеровцев и ОУН—УПА был также наставником супруги экс-президента Украины Виктора Ющенко.

The great events of the twentieth century is difficult to understand the international context. Only panoramic retrospective look at international relations opens a geopolitical perspective, allowing you to separate the conjuncture of the successive geopolitical constants. And without understanding the true motivation of a realistic program partners for Russia in XXI century, not form.

Many not only abroad but also in Russia have expressed genuine (or hypocritical) wonder: how can you defend the victory of the "Communist USSR" without feeling sympathy for the revolution and all its demons - Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky?

In fact, I shudder to recall that my father became in 1937, the "brother enemy of the people", and yet dare to ask politically incorrect counter question: what is behind the attempt to militant liberals and Western strategists make Stalin's "villain of all time," What are We never did any of Cromwell or of Robespierre, nor, much less, of Trotsky?

Это не объяснить иначе как переделом сфер влияния — переделом сначала идеологическим, а затем и военно-стратегическим. На Западе тиражируется клише, будто Вторая мировая была «войной за американскую демократию». И если СССР не соответствовал ее стандартам, то прибалтийские страны могут открыто прославлять эсэсовских легионеров, пусть даже народам этих стран в гитлеровском проекте была уготована роль надсмотрщиков или некоей биомассы. В Европарламенте и в Совете Европы, которые сегодня претендуют на роль идеологического ментора, уже открыто говорят, будто в войне был виноват СССР, что война велась между двумя хищниками за мировое господство, а для Восточной Европы победа была не победой, а поражением. Отдельные весьма авторитетные голоса даже не так давно сожалели о несостоявшемся союзе с Гитлером для разгрома ненавистной России.

Our task - to return to the Second World War its main sense - meaning the greatest battle for the right of the people to be creators of their own history, and not a mass without a past, without culture and language, without historical choice with its inevitable ups and downs, insights and errors.

We have shown the world that Russian that war will always be the Great Patriotic War, no matter how liberal cynics sneered over victories and veterans over - even in the days of the anniversary.

Bile in the USSR and Russia poured out, however, is not the part of the inhabitants. Twenty years ago, maxims, such as the recent statements of A. Yatsenyuk, would produce a shock! It seems irrational hatred of Russia, and in all its historical image, has already become not just a sign of political correctness. She made an indulgence, redeeming all the sins: the sin and sneering over the life of the fallen on the fronts of the fathers, and unworthy of a democrat mockery of all that is dear and sacred to millions of people and direct crimes against humanity.

Тотальный нигилизм по отношению к русской истории столь востребован в нынешней идеологической брани против России, что, похоже, заслоняет удручающую «нищету философии» интеллектуальных кумиров либертарианского fin de siècle — конца века. Они уже не считают нужным опираться в своих исторических экзерсисах о войне на сколько-нибудь достоверные факты или документы. Впрочем, удручающий уровень «переосмысления» — всего лишь свидетельство очевидной маргинализации попыток извратить правду о войне, в которой упражняются уже лишь весьма экзальтированные персонажи как в России, так и за рубежом — эдакие «enfants terribles» информационного поля.

С падением коммунизма либерализм, второе детище той же философии прогресса, освободился от необходимости постоянного сравнения со своим же alter ego. Стигматизируя воспоминания о тоталитарных режимах, теперь он выдает себя за единственную инкарнацию справедливости. Французский экономист А. Радо отмечает, что поношениями любых альтернатив либерализм запугивает общество и скрывает собственные пороки. Превратившиеся из маоистов в воинствующих либертаристов «философы» воспроизводят незатейливую парадигму и до боли знакомый исторический агитпроп: «у варварской империи зла не могло и может быть ничего праведного и правильного». По этой логике, никакая борьба народов за историческое существование не имеет ценности, если не приближает торжество определенной идеологии — теперь это вселенская либеральная демократия. У русских это вызывает горечь…

Surprisingly though, as the cousin of communism - liberalism becomes the familiar features of his recent opponent: claims to ultimate truth and almost totalitarian intolerance of dissent, shameless manipulation of the facts and the substitution of knowledge views, primitive myth-making.

In the historical memory of the war against the invaders who have come to destroy and enslave, the debate about whether it is good or bad was the state, out of place. The trouble did not happen with the state and with the Fatherland.

It is a common homeland defended in 1914 1941 years and my grandfather Ivan Podolyakin - a full knight of St. George, the ensign of the Russian army, and my mother Lydia Podolyakina - partisan World, while States were different, and different people have different claims to them.

Of course, opponents will inevitably will be called arguments about the homeland and state pathetic and old-fashioned. Advanced "citizens of the world" for a long time looking at them with a smile Voltairean - made today only love democracy, the birthplace - where lower taxes and more freedom, a criterion which is about to be announced parades sodomites. Such, however, is familiar - like home it was only possible in the Soviet orthodox ideology, if it was communist, ie, for ideological reasons.

The dispute with the marginalized are not productive. Strengthening national will of the state of Russian society is so distinct that engage them in debate at the level that they, alas, is available - mean to show disrespect to the audience. We carry out a task - restoration of historical reality on the basis of documentary publications, support for research and serious discussion, it is useful in understanding our past and to understand the present.

A source: Century

Author: Natalia Narochnitskaya

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