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For the souls of children we will answer God

For the souls of children we will answer God

Tags: Religion, Christianity

The birth of children was the greatest comfort for people when they became mortal. Therefore, the humane God, in order to immediately mitigate the punishment of the ancestors and weaken the fear of death, granted the birth of children, showing in it ... the image of the Resurrection (38, 162).

Even if our whole life was prosperous, we will be severely punished if we do not care about saving children (35, 83).

Children are not an accidental acquisition, we are responsible for their salvation. St. John Chrysostom (46, 1112).

Who wants to raise children well, educates them in rigor and work, so that, having distinguished themselves in cognition and behavior, they might in time receive the fruits of their labors (49, 139).

At all ages, children have different worries and fears, and many labors. Reverend Neil of Sinai (35, 42).

Blessed is he who brings up the children godly. Rev. Ephraim the Syrian (26, 146).

As long as the soul is still capable of education, it is tender and soft, like wax, it easily captures images in itself, it is necessary to awaken it to the good immediately and from the very beginning. When the mind opens and reason enters into action, then the original foundations will be laid down and examples of piety are taught. Then the mind will inspire the useful, and the skill will facilitate the success. St. Basil the Great (8, 112).

Non-occurrence of children is the greatest of all sins, it leads to extreme wickedness (35, 82).

It is not necessary then to inspire the young people with fear, when they became men, but to instruct and guide them from childhood. Then and subsequently there will be no need for threats (35, 117).

We can not deceive God, who tests hearts, reveals everything and places responsibility on us for saving children (35, 124).

A good upbringing is not to first develop vices, and then try to drive them out. We must take all measures to make our nature inaccessible to vices (35, 118).

If you have perfectly educated your son, he is his, and that's his, and as a certain band of better lives will go forward, having a beginning and a root from you and bringing to you the fruits of the care of descendants (37, 340).

Let us ... so instruct our children that they prefer virtue to everything else, and the abundance of wealth is considered for nothingness (38, 713).

Parents will be punished not only for their sins, but also for the detrimental impact on children, whether they will have time to bring them to a fall or not (35, 111).

This also upsets the whole universe, that we are not just about our own children; take care of their possessions, but neglect their souls, which is extreme madness (37, 336).

We do not have an apology if our children are corrupted ... (35, 87).

If fathers carefully brought up their children, then there would be neither judgments nor punishments (37, 340).

We will not care about collecting wealth and leaving it to children; we will teach them their virtues and ask them for a blessing from God. That's it, it's this - the greatest ineffable treasure, the inexhaustible wealth, which brings with each passing day more and more gifts (38, 712).

Not one birth makes a father, but a good education; not wearing in the womb makes a mother, but a good upbringing (38, 781).

If the children born by you receive proper education and are guided by your cares into virtues, this will be the beginning and foundation of your salvation, and besides the reward for your own good deeds, you will receive a great reward and for their upbringing (38, 783).

Age (childish) is gentle - a child quickly learns what he is told, and, like a seal on a wax, what they hear is imprinted in the soul of children. In this way, their lives are beginning to decline either to vice, or to virtue. Therefore, if at the very beginning and, so to speak, on the threshold, to reject them from vice and direct them to a better path, then in the future it will already turn into skill and, as it were, into nature, and they will not so easily evade the will for their own will, because the skill will involve them to good deeds (35, 22).

Do you want your son to be obedient? Since childhood, bring him up in rigor. Do not think that hearing the Divine Scriptures will be unnecessary for him (45, 185).

Try to teach (son) to despise the glory of this life, from this it will be glorious and famous (42, 186).

Those fathers who do not care about the dignity and modesty of children are worse than child killers because they ruin their souls (46, 721).

As no one can count on justification and indulgence in one's own sins, there is no justification for parents in the sins of children (46, 720).

Weed grass is easier to tear out when the age is more tender, then we must watch that the passions that have been left without attention are not strengthened and become incorrigible. St. John Chrysostom (46, 719).

If parents do not provide proper care for children, do not teach them reason, do not inspire them with good rules, then the souls of children will be recovered from their hands. Reverend Simeon the New Theologian (60, 93).

The gardener ties the seedlings to the cola, which is fortified in the earth, so that the wind and the storm do not knock them down. And the knots or unsuitable shoots cut off so that they do not damage the tree and do not dry it. Do this to you and your young and young children, tie their hearts to the fear of God, so that they will not be shaken from satanic intrigues and left piety. Cut off the passions growing in them, so that they do not grow up and take possession of them, and do not kill the inner new person born in holy baptism. For we see that when children grow, so do sinful passions, like wild shoots on a tree, grow with them. Therefore, so that these wild shoots do not grow and do not damage the person, and did not destroy him, bathed, sanctified and justified by holy baptism, it is necessary to chop them off with the punishment and teaching of the Lord. Cut off, beloved, such shoots in the souls of your children, "bring them up in the teaching and admonition of the Lord" (Eph. 6: 4) (104, 373-374).

Parents need to pray to God for their children, so that He Himself taught His fear and managed to be saved.

Examples of good deeds need to be revealed to them in themselves. Young, and people of all ages, are better instructed in a good life than with a word. For children especially imitate the lives of parents, what they notice in them, they do it themselves, whether good will be or bad that they see. Therefore, parents need to protect themselves from temptations, and give an example of virtuous life to their children if they want to be instructed in virtues. Otherwise, nothing will succeed. For children look more at the life of their parents and reflect it in their young souls than listen to their words. The word of every mentor, connected with life, is a worthy and strong instruction: especially the instruction of parents (104, 377-378).

We see that the young tree in any direction is easily inclined and where it will bend, in that direction and grows. So the child: what he learns, gets used to it, learns what, and will create. Will learn in his youth good - the whole life will be kind. Will evil learn evil for life. A child can become both an angel and a devil. What upbringing and instruction will receive, this will be: from upbringing, as from a seed, all other life time depends. Therefore, God exhorts the word of the parents: "Bring them up in the teaching and instruction of the Lord" (Eph. 6: 4) (104, 601).

Youth, itself inclined to all evil, requires diligent observation, kind education and instruction, but instead meets its great evil - the venomous temptation of parental mores ... The temptation, like a fire intensified, continues to spread and eats the animate temples. Woe to children from this temptation; but a special grief for parents who, instead of useful teaching, infect young hearts with evil example, like poison (104, 601-602).

It is useful to teach science and art, but it is necessary to teach to live in a Christian way. Listen to it, parents, not to be the killers of the children you gave birth to. The true father is not the one who gave birth, but the one who has well brought up and taught. The one who gave birth only gave life, but well-educated and taught gave a good life. We are indebted to the fathers who gave birth to us, but we are in much greater debt to the fathers who have well brought up and taught us godliness. For those who gave birth to us - gave birth to a temporary life; and the fathers who raised us in piety give birth to eternal life. "He who does and teaches, will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven" (Matt. 5: 19). Blessed is the father who gave birth to both temporal and eternal life. A parent who gave birth to children to a temporary life is not worthy, but he has closed the doors to eternal life either by bad education or by his temptations. It is better for a man not to be born than to be born and be in eternal perdition (104, 1595).

Many parents, with a blind love for children, regret punishing them for their misdeeds: but afterwards, when the children grow up and are immoral, such parents will understand their own error in not punishing the children while they were small. The God of His chosen children punishes Him, as we see in Scripture, so does He not love them? "The Lord, whom he loves, punishes; He beats every son he receives "(Heb. 12: 6). In this matter, Christians must imitate Heavenly Father and their children and love and punish. Not punished in adolescence, in maturity they remain, as horses unbroken and wild, to no cause unsuitable. Therefore, a Christian, love your children in a Christian manner and punish them so that they will become good and good. Prelate Tikhon Zadonsky (104, 1600-1601).

You remember how their sons and daughters were saved for the paternal piety of Noah and Lot. And now those who honor their parents receive great blessings from God: abundance in the house, and afterwards an abundance of the eternal, as the son of Sirach says about this: "He who respects his mother is like a treasure" (Cf. 3: 4). Further, such a person will have the honor and from his sons, according to the word of the same son Sirakhov: "He who honors his father will have joy from his children" (Cyr. 3: 5). And if he prays to God for health or happiness, his prayers will be heard by God: "On the day of his prayer he will be heard" (Sir. 3: 5). In addition, such a person will be happy and long-lived in this life, as the commandment of God says about it: "Honor your father and your mother (that you may be well and that your days may be long on the earth") (Ex. 20: 12) and more: "He will respect his father long" (Cyr. 3: 6). Such will be still glorious before everyone on earth and in heaven, according to the following words: "The glory of a man from the honor of his father" (cf. 3: 11). His family will also be durable, "for the father's blessing confirms the homes of the children" (cf. 3: 9). If he falls into any misfortune or if sadness happens to him, he will soon be freed from them, as the Scripture says: "Charity to the father is not forgotten; in spite of your sins, your prosperity will be increased "(Sir. 3: 14). He will be honored and cleansed of his sins, for he who honors his father will purify his sins: "like the ice from heat, your sins will be solved" (Sir. 3: 15). Finally, he is not only blessed to be God on earth while he is alive, but also on death in the terrible court of Christ he will hear these coveted words: "Come, blessed are my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world" (Matt. 25: 34). Sainted Dimitry of Rostov (103, 327-328).

Children should show all thanks to their parents, from whom life, instruction and all that they have received. This gratitude consists in the following: in any need to help them; when they do not have the means, to feed and clothe them; in old age, in sickness or in another case, cover or excuse their infirmities, as did Shem and Japheth, the sons of Noah (Gen. 9: 23), who covered the nakedness of his father. Thus it is said in Proverbs: "Hear your father: he has begotten you; and do not despise your mother when she grows old "(Proverbs. 23: 22). Ham, son of the same Noah, who showed his father's nakedness, was punished (Gen. 9: 25) (104, 605).

The Holy Apostle teaches: "Children, obey your parents in everything" (Col. 3: 20). Obedience is then necessary when parents teach children what according to the word of God, and does not contradict it. Therefore, the holy apostle punishes children to listen to their parents about the Lord, that is, to listen in whatever pleases the Lord: "Children, obey your parents in the Lord" (Eph. 6: 1). If they command contrary to the word of God, then it is in no case to be listened to, for God's command is incomparably more reverent than the parental one. This is what Christ, the Son of God, taught in the Holy Gospel: "He that loves father or mother more than me, is not worthy of me" (Matt. 10: 37) (104, 605-606).

For the disrespect of parents, God imposed great punishment on children: 1) the curse: "Cursed be the one who curses his father or his mother!" (Deut. 27: 16); 2) death: "Whosoever curses his father or his mother, let him be put to death" (Lev. 20: 9). Prelate Tikhon Zadonsky (104, 607).

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