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In recent days the Greek islands arrived almost 100 migrants

During the last day on the Greek island of Lesbos and Chios arrived almost 100 migrants.

Of these, 90 people have been registered in Lesbos, the other - on the island of Chios.

Most of those who have been on Lesbos, found the Coast Guard in Lagada area. In addition, the police arrested two Turkish nationals who vidvinuty charges of illegal border crossing and human trafficking.

In January, the Turkish law enforcement service held 23 arrested, including the head of a criminal group involved in human trafficking and smuggling of migrants in Europe. According to law enforcement officials estimate that illegal and risky transport of migrants by sea from the coast of Turkey in Europe criminals earned about 4 million Turkish liras (1 million US dollars). For delivery to the Greek islands from the suspects were taken to 500 1000 dollars per person and the trip to Italy was worth already 4000 dollars, as reported by the publication DailySabah.

As part of the exposure of a large-scale network of traffickers campaign in western Turkey Department of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime held already 14 operations as a result of which it was possible to intercept 491 migrants from various countries, including Syria, Yemen, Ghana, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

A source: newsbomb

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