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17.04.2017 - 09: 33

For the death penalty. Changes to the constitution have supported more than half of the citizens of Turkey

Supporters of the transition to a presidential republic with a small margin win in the held Sunday in Turkey's constitutional referendum.

According to the Turkish news agency "Anadolu", according to the results of counting the ballots 99,97% for changes in the constitution in favor 51,41% (25 156 thousand million 860.) Voted against the changes - 48,59% (23 777 thousand million 14.).

Earlier, with reference to Turkish media reported that the turnout at the referendum was 86%.

The referendum were made 18 amendments to Turkey's constitution. They relate in particular to the empowerment of President Mills and the transition from a parliamentary to a presidential republic.

On the night of Monday the head of the Central Electoral Commission of Turkey Sadi Guven confirmed that the majority of voters in a referendum in favor of changing the constitution, significantly expands the powers of the president. The Associated Press noted that the CEC made the announcement shortly after the head of the country Recep Erdogan congratulated supporters with victory, though official results have not yet been announced.

A source: INTERFAX

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