Today: January 17 2019
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The strike paralyzed the work of the Athens Metro

The strike paralyzed the work of the Athens Metro

Tags: Greece, Strikes, Metro, Economics, Society, Protests, Privatization

Employees of the Athens subway on Thursday are striking against the privatization of public transport.

The trade union of SELMA workers said that it was going on strike against the chaos, which would inevitably lead to urban transport in Athens, privatization and transfer of the metro to the privatization "superfund."

The statement says that the transition to electronic travel in a few days has led to the fact that passengers are forced to stand in long queues to ticket offices, and employees - to work without interruption.

Authoritarian leadership of the Ministry of Transport has created an uncontrollable situation to fulfill its obligations to future buyers of public transport, the statement said.

"The situation that is happening now will not be temporary, this chaotic situation, starting with tickets, acquires a permanent character in all services and technical facilities, with a shortage of spare parts and the basic means for the uninterrupted operation and maintenance of the network (metro)," statement.

According to the union, there is a deliberate depreciation of the infrastructure of public urban transport before privatization.

Metro daily used by tens of thousands of passengers. In connection with the strike traffic jams and problems with the transportation of passengers on public ground transportation are expected.

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