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Misconceptions Washington and Moscow

Misconceptions Washington and Moscow

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Washington and Moscow are arming the Syrian Kurds allegedly to combat LIH, and actually against President Erdogan, from which both powers want to get rid of. However, the dictator from Ankara is preparing to completely change the game - he began to change the population in areas on the border with Syria in order to take the Turkish Kurds in a vise, and intends to use its Kurdish agent Salih Muslim, which armed the United States and Russia, to create a Kurdistan in Syria and to evict the Turkish Kurds.

The United States and Russia in December 2015 came to the conclusion that it was necessary to dismiss President Erdogan. Rossi's anger is caused by the support of Erdogan's "friends" - the IHH (Humanitarian Aid Fund) and Imkindar - Caucasian jihadists from 1995 to the end of 2000, and now personally by Erdogan IGIL, and, to top, the planned destruction in Syria last November of Russian SU -24. Moscow remembers that the Turkish-Mongolian empires have always been enemies of Russia, yet it does not think too much about the future of this country, if it is limited only by the displacement from the post at all costs of its leader. The US, on the contrary, makes a distinction between Turkey, its ally and NATO member, and President Erdogan, who understands only the fist and tramples on the western ideals. To dislodge it means to present NATO as a defender of democracy and at the same time to show everyone that a leader who has come out of submission to Washington will be severely punished. The CIA did not give him the opportunity to win the June elections, creating a Democratic People's Party out of whomever, and the September elections were successful only thanks to massive fraud. Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin agreed to support the Kurds against IGIL, believing that over time they will represent a force capable of confusing the cards of the dictator of Ankara. After that, Erdogan angrily condemned the support of the Kurdish People's Self-Defense Forces (YPG) and the voyages to Syria by the commander of the antiterrorist coalition Brett McGerk and the head of Centcom, General Joseph Vothel, and the Turkish special services (MIT) increased their assistance to IGIL.

But it seems that the White House and the Kremlin has underestimated his opponent. Apart from the Kurdish militia too dangerous, President Erdogan decided to incorporate them into your strategy.

The US and Russia are mistaken, believing that the Syrian Kurds are united. In fact, YPG is an armed branch of the PYD (Democratic Union Party), which has two co-chairs - a woman and a man Assia Abdullah Salih Muslim. The first true principles of Abdullah Ocalan, the founder of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party), and intends to create a Kurdistan in Turkey, and the second - a traitor who in the secret meeting at the Elysee Palace in October 31 2014 city conspired with the presidents of Hollande and Erdogan.

At the same time, Erdogan intends to pay set by the United States and Russia trapped in their favor.

According to the instructions of the Turkish police and army against the Kurds carried out repressive operations. For several settlements destroyed, while others terrorized the population in order to force him to resign from their seats. Over the past few weeks, the campaign of terror caused the outcome of the Turkish population of Kurdish villages near the Syrian border. White Palace then offered their homes to refugees Syrian Sunni, which he intends to use as suicide. That is the beginning of the replacement of the population along the Turkish-Syrian border.

To understand what is conceived President Erdogan, we should remember that at the end of the XIX century. Sultan Abdulhamid II of, intending to clear the empire from ethnic minorities, encouraged the Kurds to expel the Christians, and even kill them. This course is continued and took a swing with the advent of the "Young Turks", who killed a half million Armenians and Pontic Greeks. And this time, the expulsion of Kurds to be, which is supposed to be replaced by the Turks or, in extreme cases, in the Arab Sunnis.

This course is supported with 2011 of France and is carried with it compliance with a limited number of murders. According to a secret agreement signed by the Foreign Ministers of the time Alain Juppe and Ahmet Davutoglu, Ankara and Paris have to create on the territory of Syria and the new state to settle its Kurdish PKK. Francois Hollande has pledged to implement this agreement and has organized a meeting at the Elysee Palace with Erdogan's Muslim. It was this course, without knowing it, realize now Washington and Moscow.

Thierry Meyssan
Voltaire Network
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