Today: January 18 2019
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Why Putin Shocks the West with New Russian Weapons

Why Putin Shocks the West with New Russian Weapons

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The first responses of Western politicians and journalists to the message of the Russian president turned out to be extremely emotional. The West is shocked by the latest Russian weapons, which Putin demonstrated in detail and convincingly. But he did it not to frighten our "partners". What was the real purpose of such a powerful signal?

The unusual nature of Putin's message is no longer necessary to prove to anyone - in Russia and in the world, in the near future, its military part will be more than excitedly discussed. First-March speech was compared with everything with which it is possible: with Nikita Khrushchev's "kuzkina mother", Ronald Reagan's speech about "star wars", with the Munich speech of Putin himself.

In reality, the current speech of the president will certainly take his place in the number of his most important speeches: at least for today she is in the top three along with the performance in Munich in February 2007 and an appeal to the parliament during the accession of the Crimea in March 2014- th.

The effect of the current speech, as well as from Munich, will be long-playing. Moreover, the speech contains the formula of providing conditions for the great future of Russia.

If the speech of February 2007 was that we will not allow to consolidate the world order that discriminates against us, the present speech makes it clear: we have made a breakthrough in the development and introduction of new weapons, which leads us to unconditional leaders in military power. Not in terms of the number of weapons, but in terms of their quality, the principle of novelty.

To catch up with Russia in this area, the United States will not go away for years, but decades - and this means an important turning point in the entire alignment of forces in the world arena. There comes a time when with Russia it is necessary to begin urgently to agree. An alternative to negotiations is a full-scale arms race - yes, only to catch up with Russia, as it turns out, will be difficult and very expensive. And most importantly, there is no chance of gaining an advantage. And without hope for an advantage, there is no main support for American claims to hegemony - military domination and impunity.

Therefore, in fact, Russia can now dictate terms. And our main condition is the transition to a new, post-American world order. No, we do not require America to surrender, we just want to work together to develop new rules of the game in the new world order. This is what China wants, what Asia and the Islamic world want, what many in Europe want.

This is what Trump wanted, who was going to agree with Putin on a new world order, in which America's interests, rather than globalization, would be in the first place. His rejection of this path is forced, tactical, while the US itself continues a tense struggle for power between the "nationals" and "transnationals". That is, those with whom Putin can agree on a new world order, and those who are going to continue to try to restrain Russia. And the first and second appeals are addressed from the Putin's message: "Russia was not able to contain!"

Why do we need these new rules of the game? Certainly not for aggression. Putin stressed Russia's lack of aggressive plans and recalled that it is Russia that plays the unique role of "restraining", guaranteeing peace in the whole world:

"We do not threaten anyone, we are not going to attack anyone, we do not intend to take anything away from anyone, threatening with a weapon: we all have everything ourselves. On the contrary, I think it is necessary to emphasize (and this is very important): the growing military power of Russia is a reliable guarantee of peace on our planet, since this power preserves and will maintain the strategic balance and balance of forces in the world, which, as is known, was and remains one of the the most important factors of international security after the Second World War and up to the present day. "

In other words, the demonstration of a new weapon has an absolutely applied character for Putin. The main enemy for him and for Russia is not the United States. "Lag is the main threat and our enemy"- says Putin.

There is no contradiction with the fact that Putin simultaneously demonstrates new unique developments of the Russian military-industrial complex: yes, we are ahead of the whole planet in some very important military technologies. But we seriously lag behind in general - both in the development of technologies, and in the scale of the economy (which should be much larger), and in quality (and this is not only the level) of people's lives.

We are not lagging behind simply from the West, but from the level that we deserve, on which we are capable and whom we want. Overcoming this lag is the main national task. It is not Khrushchev's "catching up and surpassing America" ​​and not "building the most advanced communist society" is the answer to the challenge of time.

"The fact is that the speed of technological change is growing rapidly, it is going up sharply. Anyone who uses this technological wave will break out far ahead. Those who can not do this, she - this wave - just overwhelm, drown.

Technological lagging, dependence mean a decrease in the security and economic capabilities of the country, and as a result - the loss of sovereignty. That's right, and not otherwise. Lagging inevitably leads to weakening, erosion of human potential. Because new jobs, modern companies, attractive life prospects will be created in other, successful countries, where young, educated, talented people will leave, and with them the society will lose vitality and energy of development.

I repeat: the changes in the world are of a civilizational nature. And the scale of this call demands from us the same strong answer. We are ready to give such an answer. We are ready for a real breakthrough.

We are obliged to concentrate all resources, gather all forces into a fist, show will for daring, efficient work.

We will not do this - there will be no future for us, nor for our children, nor for our country. "

This is a key part of Putin's message. A demonstration of the achievements of our military-industrial complex is necessary for him with only one goal: to create the most favorable external conditions for the development of Russia. Stolypin said at the beginning of the twentieth century about 20 years of peace and tranquility that are necessary for the success of transformations, in order to succeed: "You do not recognize Russia," - in seven years the world war began, which turned into revolution three years later. Stalin at the beginning of 30-x spoke about 10 years, for which we must run the distance separating us from the West, so as not to be crumpled - exactly in 10 years there was a war, the first months of which almost ended in the death of the country.

Vladimir Putin does not name specific deadlines, for which it is necessary to make a jerk. But the threats facing us today are no less serious than they were during Stolypin or Stalin. And Putin is doing everything so that we can concentrate on domestic affairs, at the very jerk, without being distracted by external threats.

It is for this that we need a demonstration of a new weapon - the guarantor of our sovereignty and the ability to do what we must. Go to a breakthrough - into the future, which we deserve.

Peter Akopov
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