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Why Trump took to bomb Sheyrat?

Trump's administration is trying to draw a outline of its foreign policy and its actions seem chaotic, but only at first glance. President Trump is in talks with one of the "deep state", to govern the country after September 11 2001, the seems, the agreement is found, but the details are not yet known. The new foreign policy of the White House should be represented in Congress by the end of May.

With regard to attacks on Sheyratu I have repeatedly noticed that it was only a gesture, and US Secretary of State used it to put pressure on the European allies and force the real instigators of this war - the United Kingdom - to impersonate. Today, however, it is possible to say a little more.

President of Trump have to simultaneously confront the ruling class and the "deep state", and he used this attack to "restore confidence" in the White House.

2013 summer, President Obama has accused Syria of using chemical warfare agents in Huta and thus, in the transition of the "red line". However, hidden behind the Congress, it became no action is not taken. His helplessness was evident - he could strike at Syria using Parliament's consent issued earlier on the use of armed forces against Syria ( «Syrian Accountability Act»).

Accusing Syria once again in the use of toxic substances, this time in Khan Shaykhun and inflicting blows without waiting for the investigation, Donald Trump thus made "trust", which lacked his predecessor.

Realizing that neither Huta nor Khan Shaykhun Syria is not implicated, Donald Trump has warned the Syrian government forces, so that the base had been evacuated before the strike.

Then he began to negotiate with the "deep state" in at least one of its prominent representatives Dzhonom Makkeynom. At present discussions as an Israeli agent, Senator Lindsi Grem.

Europeans, of course, embarrassed that Trump behaves like a general, not as President of the UN member states. But this is not surprising when you consider that the US "deep state" - is, above all, military and civilian there are not major.

According to available information, the president of the Trump seems to have abandoned the dissolution of NATO and its civil servant of - of the European Union. This decision means that Washington will continue to be considered, or will pretend that Russia considers its main enemy. A "deep state", for its part, will not support the jihadists and abandon the British plan of the "Arab Spring".

Seal on this agreement will serve as an introduction to the administration of Trump's two neocons who would control European policy:

Kurt Volker, the director of the McCain Institute (at the University of Arizona), will be appointed director of the Eurasian Office at the State Secretariat. Volcker, a former military judge, was the representative of President Bush mL. NATO during the Georgian war (2008 g).

And the assistant deputy minister of Defense, responsible for Europe and NATO is likely to appoint Tom Goffusa - one of McCain's aides in the Senate Armed Services Committee. Goffus previously served in the Air Force and served as Hillary Clinton of such functions by the National Safety Council.

As for Syria, the agreement, if it is approved by both parties, would mean an end to the US war against the Syrian Arab Republic. This war has been unleashed on the initiative of the United Kingdom and Israel and was conducted with the participation of its allies (Germany, Saudi Arabia, France, Turkey, etc.). Gradually, the so-called "Friends of Syria", including with 2012 130, the number of states and international organizations, should be reduced. Today, there are already no more than ten.


Author: Thierry Meyssan

Tags: USA, Trump, Syria, war in the Middle East, analysts, policy

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