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25.03.2014 - 20: 07

Why Ukraine Novorossia?

To the outside observer, not steeped in the history of the process, the headline question has no answer. Relations between Ukraine and Novorossiisk exhaustively described by the old idiom about the suitcase without a handle - "inconvenient to carry, and throw a pity ..."

At dawn Ukrainian statehood Russian readers shocked interview then known Ukrainian writer, "field researcher Ukrainian sex" Oksana Zabuzhko. Returning from a European trip, she chattered animatedly about what happiness should stop at the Russian culture, to get rid of eternal inferiority complex ... It is enough to look at the "natural environment" of Ukrainian culture - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania - to understand that the backlog of Ukraine is very small, quite disastrous ...

It was really a shock. Man rejoices that "quite nekatastrofichno" behind the Slovak and Romanian cultures. If as a "natural environment" would be selected culture of Papua New Guinea, Micronesia and Kiribati - so it is possible that one could even find that their Ukrainian culture in some ways even surpasses ...

But the shock it remained purely cultural plane - well, if a person (or a community of people, or even an entire nation) considers it necessary to ultimately lower the bar, the level of cultural claims - well, it's right in the end - though watch from the simplification is extremely strange. But it was the first time there was a question - why is such a Ukraine is going to become ethnographic folklore trinket space Pivdenmash? Why would she do all the vast Novorossia, not counting their "natural cultural environment" Papua New Slovakia? Not wanting to get on all fours?

In the end, there are historical precedents - for example, in 1965-th years of Malaysia almost expelled one of its members in Singapore - on ethnic and economic reasons. Too rich and developed - by Malaysian standards - Singapore created the "distortions in the economic development of the country", and besides, most of Singapore's population were Chinese, which is not very popular with the authorities of the Federation ...

But, as subsequent events showed, a new place on the planet of Ukraine determined not chirping Zabuzhko field.

Over the past two centuries, mankind has faced again with the creation of "ethnic design." Initially, however, it was just a "project states" arising from a variety of reasons - the technical difficulties of two major allies in section svezheotvoevannoy territory (Romania), undesirable for larger neighbor gained a pushover landlocked (Albania), need to bring the territory to the newly created standard "national union republics" (Azerbaijan). In all cases within two to three generations in the "state project" ethnicity somehow formed. In the second half of XX century in the traditional practice has been brought about fundamental innovation - design in "refugee camps" ethnic project not under the existing state, and for a specific military-political task - an uncompromising struggle with the neighboring country (the Palestinians). Experience has shown that the project ethnicity is formed for a specific task within a generation - well, broiler and broiler there.

I deliberately did not include in this series of Arab "nation" caused (or allegedly caused) within the boundaries of the young Arab. First, because that split at the state of the "nation" united ancient ethnic group - a phenomenon of a different order than the formation of a new community of semi-wild tribes. Secondly - and this is important - there it was just about "nations" that tomorrow will be easy enough to reformat a new frontier that beautifully illustrated irredentist experiments Baath party in the middle of the XX century, primarily the draft SAR - enthusiastically adopted population countries involved and dying solely the fault of the ambitions of regional leaders. Not by chance the only case of "ethnic" and not "natsbildinga" - the Palestinians - there was a barbed wire "refugee camps."

Ukrainian project break-off from the total number of many-prichinam.Vo first - not the most important, but conspicuous in the first place - it is one of the oldest projects. Today, its age has passed for fifteen hundred years. Secondly, it seems to be the only project that has gone through several owners (the Austro-Hungarian Empire, interwar Poland, the USSR, the German Reich, USA), each of which is trying to reformat a few problems in general continued to invest in the development efforts of the project .

Thirdly, it is the worst (by far) the project - despite solid for such enterprises age ethnogenesis process moved forward only in the last twenty years.

Finally, and most importantly, it was originally a project much ahead of his time - a project of the Palestinian broiler type - to form "under the territory" and "to the task."

The assertion that the only definition of Ukraine negatively - "Ukraine - not Russia" - has long been common place. But in fact this was the original goal set by the Austrian pioneers project - reformat consistently pro-Russian Ruthenians in Galicia "Nerossiyu." To the credit of the designers, however, it should be noted that the Austrians needed only "Nerossiya" - task "Muscovites knives" if not intended, turning "Nerossii" in "Antirossiiyu" - has the following merit, Polish and German masters. At the same time, of course, no need for a positive self-determination of the constructed "Nerossii" Austrians did not feel - it just had to be one of the minor constructions plans for reformatting the dual Austro-Hungarian Empire in the triune Austro-Hungarian-Slavia. But even for turning pro in Galicia in a relatively peaceful "Nerossiyu" had extraordinary efforts. In particular - almost without exception destroy Ruthenian intelligentsia and replace it with a dozen half-educated renegade - the first generation of "ukrainizatorov."

However, following the hosts made just "Nerossiyu" precisely "Antirossiyu."

Generally, the fate of Galicia - a tragedy that has no historical analogues. Something like this only covers waste paper of fantasy - elves, fallen into the hands of the Dark Lord, and after years of torment facing them orcs.

Today Galicia formed interwar Poland and Nazi Germany. And that is exactly "Antirossiya." In all wars and local conflicts 90-ies participated troops UNA-UNSO: Karabakh, Transnistria, Abkhazia, Yugoslavia, Chechnya ... No state interests of Ukraine in any of these conflicts was not and could not be. As existed at the "Ukrainians" have no historical ties with Azerbaijan, neither Georgians nor the Chechens or Croats or Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Galicia there was only one motive to participate in all these wars - on the opposite side of the Russian volunteers fought. Desire to fight against the Russian in anywhere in the world - this is the only problem, sewn in the program today Galician. Yes, knowledge of history allows you to understand that this is not so much their fault as their misfortune. But rabies - is not wine, but the misfortune of infected animals. This does not negate the need to protect themselves from danger. Galicians in today's manufacture - the bombers. The only fully recognized their task was impossible because of the incommensurability of forces. But give it up and try to work out a positive program of creative self-existence without the constant search for new possibilities of conflict with Russia and they do not try. Unwilling or unable to fundamentally - is difficult to say ... It is not a question of good and evil. It is only about life and death. People who do not have positive values, they can not articulate the meaning of their existence and the existence of their state without mentioning the name of the "enemy" - do not just want to kill. And they did not want to live. They do not have the program for life. They serve as a death in the truest sense of the word.

So do not be surprised Dmitry Korchinskiy performance and the idea of ​​"Ukrainian Taliban." Nothing new. Just Galicia.

However, last year 23 Galicians exist within the boundaries of the stillborn "Ukrainian State", using the rights of a privileged minority. We must understand a very important detail occurring processes in Ukraine. In ethnically today Ukraine is not two-and three-part. The first part - the Galicians and volynyane (the differences between the two sides until then ignored). Second - Little Russians center and north-west. And the third - Russian language and educational Novorossii.Dvadtsatiletny terror against the New Russia - this is not just a whim rusofobstvo "Ukrainians." This is the only effective mechanism Ukrainian ethnogenesis. Only united against the "third-rate citizens" - Russian Novorossia Galicians and volynyane fused together with Little Russians in the "Ukrainians". If tomorrow "Ukraine" lose Novorossia - spring burst ethnogenesis. Without a "third-rate" Russian Galicians nothing left as ardently undertake full Ukrainisation "second-class" Ruthenians.

It did not last long - sooner or later (probably very early) this will generate not only Makhnovshchina around the center and north-west, but tearful requests Ukrainians back to Russia. Yes, and the differences between Galicia and Volyn also come to the surface ...

Nothing new in this. The process is quite traditional. Just remember that and ending - but still not completed - Georgian ethnogenesis stopped after the loss of Abkhazia. Only in the process of colonization of Abkhazia and Mengrels Svans - last not fully integrated into a single ethnicity tribes - became "just Georgians." Now the process is interrupted, and whether it will continue in the foreseeable future - hard to say.

"Ukrainizatory" as everyone knows. It is this - and not a "mad unreasoning Russophobia" explained terror against the New Russia. And this explains the reluctance to let go of the categorical Novorossia - despite all the apparent costs stay under the same roof as the state of heterogeneous parts. And fight to the death against their attempts federalization make the same considerations. Federalization with clear safeguards to stop the anti-Russian Novorossia terror - and thus, despite the preserved "territorial integrity", stops ethnogenesis and triggers the conversion of historical territory of Ukraine in the field of boundless Walk.

However, all these considerations lead to very disturbing conclusions. The precipitate chance today - probably the last chance Novorossia. If today the Russian authorities not dozhmut situation to end, Novorossia as ethnic education, will disappear within a half to two decades.

Today the network sounds a lot appeals and appeals of Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine (mostly people of Kiev) - "I have no one oppresses nobody forbids me to speak Russian, I do not need no one to save, leave my Ukraine alone!" Greatest response was caused by treatment of the writer Andrew Valentine's (Shmalko). However, none of the authors do not bother to say a word about dozens killed by bandits from the Maidan. This fact alone invalidates them completely. But it's not that.

In a remarkable novel "The Knife" Serbian writer Vuk Draskovic describes in great detail the process of ethnic rebirth. The process of conversion of the Bosnian Serbs in the "Muslim." Boy was taken to the Janissaries in sufficiently conscious age - years in 10. Forty years later, returns to his homeland elderly Muslim who made a good military career. He builds a wealthy farm near his native village, building a mosque - but also in his native village builds rich Serbian Orthodox Church. Tested generation. Hamlet grows into Muslim village. Serbs and Muslims - more distant relatives - remember, however, about their relationship, go to each other's homes, celebrate holidays together ... But the sixth generation of relatives when an opportunity arises - German occupation - picks up a knife and cut the Serbian village is . And shocked Serbs heard before dying of his six-, semiyurodnyh brothers: "We have always hated you!" But Draskovic describes how traditional. Unhurried. Almost "natural". We are dealing with a high-speed process of growing broiler.

Russian readers, the creativity of Ukrainian science fiction: Marina and Sergey Dyachenko (now become "Dyachenko"), Andrew Valentine's, Olga Chigirinskaya - if desired, can see how over the decade and a half has changed their attitude. Dyachenko in that time managed to pass all the way, all six generations. Valentine's written appeal representative of the third or fourth generation. Cutting it is not ready yet. But it's just a matter of time ...

But the militants' Right sector "starts talking to the camera in broken Ukrainian, but quickly strays into a native Russian - it is also the people ran for their fifteen or twenty years, all the way to six generations. However, unlike "Dyachenok" consistent and not wag backwards. Already who took a knife in his hands. "Onizhedeti." Yesterday Russian children. Today the janissaries.

This again is not so much their fault as their misfortune. The first call, the network has already flashed a week ago (the author, unfortunately, can not remember), began with the phrase: "Until now, I was embarrassed that I live in Ukraine, but do not speak Ukrainian ..." Then you can not read. Started the process of rebirth. Awkward man that he speaks his native language, which is spoken by at least half of his fellow citizens. Testing whether awkward speaking Swiss Romansch, not knowing neither the German nor the French? Permanent, not for a day-ending pressure can stand only in one case - if you pre-mobilized. If you know that your enemy presses. New Russia and Russian history of Ukraine have not been mobilized. They saw people who carried out the language (then only the language) terror not enemies, but fellow citizens who need to understand something to agree with something to argue, compromise ... A compromise with uncompromising enemy - hence doomed himself to defeat. And it starts this defeat, this rebirth with the fact that you "embarrassing" that you speak the native language. And those same children from yesterday's Russian "right sector" - children, in the past uncritical age relentless pressure Irina fArion "If Olena become Alyona, she should pack your bags and leave in Muscovy. Masha - not our form. Let him go where Masha live. We Marichka it should be. Peter, too, must leave here, if it does not Petrick. Mykolku never call Kolya Gannusyu - Annushka and Natalochka - Natasha. "

These - seemingly the most radical - can still be saved. "Onizhedeti" - largely children really. They went for simplicity, clarity and force. Understand that this simplicity - the simplicity of death, they are not yet able. But to show that attracted their power - the power is only apparent dissipated in the rays of dawn, as befits the evil - and wraith subside ... And then - work for psychologists and deprogrammers. As persons rescued from a totalitarian sect.

If today Novorossia surrender - everything will end very soon. Nazis came to power, no longer confined to linguistic terror. Start a real terror - judging by today's reports from Donetsk, has already begun. Most active, strong, capable to organize resistance will be destroyed physically. Others - digest.

More 15-20 years - and ethnogenesis completed. On the eastern border of Russia will rise fifty millionth single state, guided by Papuan-simple, murderous and suicidal ideology, "Moskal - knives!" Will not find anyone. Neither us nor them, nor Europe, nor the States.

Nobody leaves hurt.

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