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Detained possible killer of a Greek schoolboy

In Athens, the investigation into the murder of 11-year-old student continues.

Yesterday, during the interrogation, 23-year-old detainee, who lives in a gypsy camp located at 500 m from the school, admitted that on the day of the death of the student he shot several shots in the air. According to the suspect's testimony, on Thursday there was a holiday in their house on the occasion of the release from prison of two relatives who served a sentence for the distribution of drugs. In total, the police conducted 6 arrests in this case. Law enforcement officers continue to investigate, until now no weapons have been found from which the shot was made.

The funeral of a schoolboy killed on Thursday was held on Saturday morning, after which relatives and friends held a memorial service at the school where the tragedy occurred.

In Greece in the area of ​​Menidi during the school holiday perished 11-year-old student.

The child was on the basketball court, suddenly fell and lost consciousness. The audience thought that he fainted and hit his head. The boy, bleeding to death, was taken to the nearest hospital. Doctors did everything possible to save him, but despite the efforts, the child died. An autopsy showed that the cause of death was a bullet fired from a firearm of the caliber 9 mm. According to the police, the bullet was from indiscriminate shooting, which occurred near the school. This version was confirmed by the forensic expert who conducted the autopsy.

A source: newsbomb

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