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A plot against Putin?

A plot against Putin?

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The West is setting up our oligarchs and a corrupt elite against the president.

Attempt to conspiracy for the violent removal of Vladimir Putin from power is very possible. This opinion was expressed recently by the publicist and writer Alexander Prokhanov. Analyzing the US's recent unprecedented sanctions against Russia and the escalating political struggle in connection with the upcoming presidential elections in Russia.

Prokhanov writes with alarm: "It may seem that the new US sanctions are aimed at strangling entire sectors of the Russian economy, and in cleaning world markets from criminal Russian money. But this is not so. Sanctions are directed not against Russian corporations and banks, not against individual oligarchs and thievish officials. These sanctions are directed against Putin personally. The goal is to make the president hateful for his closest associates, for that part of the Russian economic elite that, after the return of the Crimea to Russia, views Putin as the main culprit of his difficulties. Sanctions should nourish the hearts of Russian tycoons who see Putin as their sworn enemy. "

Therefore, Prokhanov concludes, "a conspiracy of oligarchs and a big bureaucratic nobility against Putin is very likely. The environment that feeds such a conspiracy is expanding. And perhaps, the sensitive ear hears the cautious steps of the conspirators already sounding in the night corridors of the palaces, "the publicist, as always, emotionally beats the alarm.

The conclusion that the main goal of continuous sanctions against Russia is a blow to Putin, an attempt by the US to change the current leadership of Russia, does not sound for the first time.

Back in 2014, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in an interview with France-24, stated that this was done in order to change power in Russia. "I have very good reasons to believe that this is so. Some politicians do not even conceal this, "Lavrov said, answering the question asked.

Openly recognize this already in the US itself. "The essence of the current renewed activity of Moscow is not to dictate certain conditions in certain parts of the world, but to undermine and destroy the international order led by the United States," alarms the Wall Street Journal, the printed organ of the American money-bags, Genuine masters of the USA. "Mr. Putin is betting on the fact that he will be able to rewrite the rules of international policy in his favor. American leaders and strategists should show him that he is mistaken, "- he instructs the Wall Street Journal.

In other words, all sanctions, all the pressure, all of today's Russophobic policy of the West has its purpose - to strike at Vladimir Putin and ultimately remove him from power, hoping for the appearance at the helm of Russia of a humble leader. Because just as they think, the US will be able to achieve its global super-goal - to weaken or even remove from its political map of its main and most dangerous geopolitical rival - Russia.

"We are dealing with a very serious, terrible geopolitical game directed against Putin," states the philosopher Alexander Dugin. - It is supported by supporters of the West, America and liberals in Russia itself. They were much stronger than many thought. It seemed that Putin had weathered them in recent years, displacing the fifth column, and they represent a minority in the political establishment of Russia. It was not there! They still keep their fingers on the pulse, maintaining control, still control the main political processes ... Now we are dealing with a conspiracy of elites against Putin. Elites, which are connected to CFR networks, with networks of direct political and strategic influence on Russia. "

"We know," he continues, "that the fifth column receives money and instructions from the American embassy. But do not the representatives of the sixth column, perhaps the liberals and Westerners whom Putin regards as his own, who were loyal to some point, receive, perhaps in a more veiled form, from there? Being a part of this global network, in a critical situation, and now it is a critical situation, they, of course, will serve that gentleman that controls their money. And all the money of this oligarchic elite and large Russian officials has long been in the West. Accordingly, they are governed ".

In other words, under the conditions of unprecedented anti-Russian sanctions, the West can easily nail down the Russian elite - freeze their accounts in Western banks, confiscate real estate, as brazenly as they confiscated the embassies of the Russian embassy in the United States.

What then will the "elite" do? Will it immediately begin selling its estates in England, Spain and the US? Transfer dollars into rubles and return them to Russia? Hardly. After all, the majority - this wealth, acquired by dishonest means. Therefore, one thing remains for them - to get rid of the one who caused their adversity, i.e. From Putin. And the West openly hints at them to do just that, realizing that he himself is not able to do it himself.

But is the pro-Western Russian elite capable of this? After all, its adherents by nature are cowardly and constantly gnaw among themselves. But it is known that when a roasted cock bites, and not so sing! In addition, they will not personally "snap a snuffbox into the temple", as it already happened in Russian history. For this, the relevant pros are hired. And to pay oligarchs is what. The elite in the US, for example, when the president became a threat to her interests, shot John Kennedy without any hesitation, putting the rifle in Oswald's hands (or maybe someone else?).

And in the history of our country such examples - even more than enough. From the already mentioned snuffbox, which was killed by Emperor Paul I, to the bomb that tore to pieces Alexander II, and the conspiracy of generals who, without ceremony, surrendered Nicholas II, forcing him to renounce, the revolutionaries who shot him later along with his family in Yekaterinburg. Do not forget about our Nikita Khrushchev, who was overthrown by his own comrades-in-arms, or the super-vigilant comrade Stalin, who, as historians claim, could simply poison their own.

The West, having first made a bet on the "swamp opposition", which, as they hoped, could make a "color revolution" in Russia according to the Kiev scenario, soon realized that it miscalculated. But he did not refuse from his insidious plans, but only changed his tactics.

The stakes, apparently, are now made not for "Maydan" and street riots, but for discrediting and changing power by the hands of oligarchs and corrupt elite, i.e. The "palace coup".

It is for this purpose in the West that an unprecedented campaign to demonize the Russian leader is now deployed. He is portrayed as a gloomy dictator, as an embodiment of world evil. For this purpose, the most vile provocations are organized. To discredit the leadership of Russia were used not only events in the Donbass, the return of the Crimea, the war in Syria, but also outright provocations. For example, the murder near the Kremlin of one of the opposition leaders Boris Nemtsov. The investigation has not even started yet, as the Washington Post immediately appointed the guilty: "Here," she said, "there are all the signs of a political assassination provoked by the aggressive Kremlin campaign against the" fifth column of national traitors "that opposed the annexation of the Crimea, against the war with the West because of Ukraine and against further weakening of political and civil liberties in the country. We can never know whether the Kremlin is the customer of this murder. But since Nemtsov was one of the most consistent critics of not only the Russian regime, but personally Putin, his dissident voice will never again bother Putin and his entourage. "

However, even in the United States there were those who did not believe in it. As one commentator noted in the Moon of Alabama blog, "Is not this too rude - a dead political opponent lying on the bridge facing the Kremlin?" There is not enough just a knife in the back with the inscription "If you find, return Putin". I see in this only a primitive attempt to show the involvement of the authorities in this murder. And it was carried out on the night before the opposition rally, which Nemtsov wanted to lead. Well, how can you believe it? "

Demonization of Russia and its leader was used even as one of the tools in the domestic political struggle in the US, when our country was accused and continues to be hysterically accused of alleged interference in the American elections.

And the organizer of this "interference", who would doubt, expose the president of Russia.

In the West, they engaged in direct incitement and discuss specific methods, to whom and how exactly "to solve the problem of Putin."

"20 years ago," writes the most influential British newspaper The Financial Times, "a small group of Russian businessmen saved the country" and today "the oligarchs need to intervene again." The British believe that "the oligarchs must take risks and organize a change of power in the Kremlin ... primarily from selfish interests, as in 1996."

Even more frankly, the American edition of American Sinker writes: "Since delicacy with the Russians does not work, the president and his European colleagues should give these people an absolutely clear signal that we are not interested in exactly how they will solve the Putin problem. If they can convince the good old Vladimir to leave the Kremlin with military honors and solemn fireworks, that's fine. If Putin is too stubborn to understand that his career is over, and he can only be brought out of the Kremlin with his feet in the back with a hole in the back of his head, that will suit us, too. "
The author of the article adds that the West would quite have arranged another option: Putin's plane after a regular foreign visit is hit by a "land-air" missile. "We will not object," the article openly encourages.

No, they are not going to drop special forces for this in Moscow, or send saboteurs with bombs. The bet is made not only on the internal "fifth column" - the liberal opposition, but also on the oligarchs who are dissatisfied with the West and the corrupt elite - the "sixth column". This is recognized by the Russian opposition itself. So, former ex-Yukos owner Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was hiding abroad, in an interview with Bloomberg, said that a change of power in Russia could occur through a "palace coup" rather than through elections or street protests. "I think that the problem for (Russian President Vladimir) Putin will appear from within his own environment. For my country it would be better if it happened so than through street clashes, because less revolution will be spilled during a palace coup ", Khodorkovsky cynically stated.

Former Duma deputy Dmitry Gudkov argues that the closest circle of President Vladimir Putin is increasingly dissatisfied with the policy of the Russian leader. Speaking about the scenario of possible changes, the oppositionist believes that only the top leadership can provide them. In his opinion, this could be either "the corresponding policy of the president, or it may result in some kind of palace coup".

"The scenario of the change of power in Russia as a result of the local" Maydan "is unlikely. Most likely, as a result of the split of elites in Russia, the agenda and politics may change, "Gudkov quotes the" Press of Ukraine. "

It must also be remembered that for puppeteers from the US, the elimination of politicians who are not acceptable to them by someone else's hands is a common thing that they are engaged in continuing their entire history.

Thus, physically annihilated Salvador Allende was dislodged in Chile, Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was captured and killed in prison, Saddam Hussein was hanged in Iraq, and Muammar Gaddafi was torn to pieces by terrorists in Libya. Miraculously died of his death, Fidel Castro, whom the CIA tried to arrange dozens of attempts.

The American liberal elite has now risen even against its own president, Trump, who has targeted her interests. Is the Russian pro-Western elite able to do the same, can it really organize a conspiracy to overthrow Putin? Yes, she already begins to do it! Take at least the same Navalny, who was proclaimed a presidential candidate, portraying him as an "alternative to Putin." All over the country, his election headquarters are being set up, although it is clear that he can not be a candidate because of his conviction. Nevertheless, Navalny and his supporters are funded, including some Russian oligarchs, by the names of these people in the network, but they continue to calmly support a man who announced that his goal is to overthrow the current government in Russia.

And how can one explain that the official mouthpiece of the liberal opposition Ekho Moskvy continues to finance Gazprom? How can one explain that the state corporation "Skolkovo" paid huge money to the fierce oppositionist Ilya Ponomarev for "lectures" that he did not read?

And the same Khodorkovsky who is sitting abroad? He also leads and finances propaganda for the overthrow in Russia of the people elected by the people. This is quite openly stated by other opposition leaders at their gatherings in Vilnius and elsewhere. Ekho Moskvy radio, Dozhd television channel, Novaya Gazeta and other information resources of the opposition work intensively in the same direction, but they are particularly active in the network, now placing their stakes on immature youth.

So, the problem of a possible conspiracy of corrupt elite and pro-Western oligarchs is evident. And American sanctions are part of this global technology aimed at eliminating Putin.

But if it is clear who is to blame, then what to do? Turkish President Erdogan prevented the possibility of a coup d'etat inspired from the US, decisively defeating the conspiratorial nest of the Turkish army and among the Turkish pro-Western elite. Our situation is different: the army and special services are loyal to the president, Putin supports the people.

But how can they be weakened and foiled by insidious plans? Tea, not 37 year in the yard. I think it's possible to begin at least with the introduction of a progressive income tax for millionaires, as in many "civilized countries." In France, for example, the tax for the richest - 75%, in Sweden - 56,6%, in Germany - 45%, in the USA - 35%. Why do we have billionaires paying the same interest as the poorest citizens? Let their money work for Russia, and not for building palaces abroad, buying football teams and secret financing of conspirators. Will they leave? Then piss off! Our hidden enemies will leave, and true patriots will remain, and will work for the prosperity of their country.

Vladimir Malyshev
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