Today: February 21 2019
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Law on noise can scare away tourists from Ayia Napa

Law on noise can scare away tourists from Ayia Napa

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The tourist season in Cyprus has already begun, and this means that the problem of noise at night again becomes relevant, and the new law does not contribute to its solution.

Today, 16 May, the Mayor of Ayia Napa appealed to the Cypriot authorities with a request to suspend the Silence Act. Instead, return the ban to make noise at night, and also criminalize the violation of this law. The official said in an official statement posted on the site of the city administration, Reporter magazine reported.

According to the new law, you can make noise at night, but within acceptable limits of noise. Only the problem is that nobody measures the noise level, which means that the police can not punish the perpetrators. The municipality is sure that because of this tourists will be less likely to come to Ayia Napa, which will bring significant damage to both the city budget and the economy of the entire state.

Recall that last year this problem was also very relevant - the mayor complained that even he can not sleep peacefully at night because of noisy nightlife.

Natalia Kudlay
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