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29.11.2016 - 15: 28

Closure of the fourth power unit of Chernobyl protective sarcophagus

At the Chernobyl nuclear power plant completed installation of a new protective sarcophagus over the fourth power, which was destroyed during the disaster in April 26 1986 years.

A new sarcophagus is a large-scale processing facility 110 meters in height, width meters 260, 150 meters in length and weighing 31 thousand tons, equipped with special equipment. He must serve 100 years.

Work on the construction of a new shelter began in 2007 year. The modern building is designed to replace the old concrete shelter, which was established immediately after the accident. Under the influence of radiation and external factors, the object is gradually degraded, posing a threat of leakage, as the power unit contains about 200 tons of radioactive materials.

After entering arches into operation in November 2017 years begin to dismantle the old sarcophagus and damaged Rector. As a result, the object must be converted into an ecologically safe system.

A source: RIA News

Tags: Ukraine, nuclear power plants, Construction