Today: March 24 2019
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The West is seeking a riot of elites against the Kremlin

The West is seeking a riot of elites against the Kremlin

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What awaits our country for the failure to implement the advanced ultimatums

British Prime Minister Teresa May issued an ultimatum to Russia: until Tuesday evening, 13 March, Moscow should "believably explain" about the poisoning of former GRU officer Sergei Skripalai his daughter Julia. Otherwise, London will consider the Salisbury incident as Russia's military aggression against Britain.

"Deadline before the expiration of Tuesday, that is, until the 00.00 environment. Then, on Wednesday, there will be a meeting of the national security committee, at which the response will be determined ... Yes, the committee will determine the measures, "a source close to the office of the government of the United Kingdom told RIA Novosti. However, he did not rule out that the British Security Council could meet on Thursday, the exact date depends on the schedule of the prime minister. After the meeting of the committee, May will address the parliament, where he will announce retaliatory measures.

According to May, Skrypal was poisoned by a nerve agent that was developed in Russia. The Prime Minister is convinced that the Kremlin in any case is responsible, since he "either organized an attempt on the Skripal", or "lost control of the nerve-paralyzing warfare agent."

"The Russian authorities have experience in eliminating people with poisonous substances," added May. "Moscow" considers defectors a legitimate target, "and this" indirectly proves the Kremlin's involvement in the attempt. "

Let's note that May did not specify the possible measures, but the British newspaper The Guradian did it, according to which London can go on expelling Russian diplomats, boycott the World Football Championship-2018, revoke the broadcasting license from RT TV channel, publish information about bank accounts and assets of Russian politicians and oligarchs, to seize these funds, to disconnect Russia from the SWIFT banking information exchange system and, finally, to require the NATO member countries to increase their military presence at the borders of Russia and to include Russia in "countries, supporters of terrorism" list, appealing to 5-th article of the charter of the alliance.

- As expected, the closer the day of the presidential election, the more severe pressure on Russia is exerted by the West, I am sure deputy director of the National Institute of Modern Ideology Igor Shatrov.

- New directions for a strike are being invented. Apparently, we are witnessing the apogee of this pressure in the last week before the election. Why the UK? Great Britain is not only a "settler" for various kinds of political emigrants from Russia. Many large Russian businessmen, indeed, keep their money in British banks and have contacts with British business. In my opinion, we are witnessing a hysterical attempt to cause a riot of elites in Russia, through big business to influence Putin and his policies. The United Kingdom, it seems, seriously intends to spoil the image of Russia in the international arena. In other words, our opponents have set out to do everything to ensure that Putin is bogged down in solving imposed problems instead of implementing ambitious plans.

"SP": - Is it too often Russian defectors mysteriously dying in London? Why can not we invent something more original?

- And why, if it gets away with it? In fact, London has so many political emigrants of all stripes that it seems as if they are constantly dying there. It's just an example of the transition of quantity to quality. Seriously, the traitors soon after the transfer of information cease to be of any interest to anyone. They can easily become an accidental victim in a normal domestic conflict, which they themselves provoke. This is prompted by a new environment in which they have been living for some time. Due to the specifics of their previous activities and the subsequent mental breakdown, the environment has remained alien and aggressive for them for a long time. But sometimes the special services of the new homeland are used by defectors and for provocations like the story with Skripal.

"JV": - US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also spoke about Russia's involvement in the incident. He also said that May's speech was coordinated with the United States. In addition, Mei and Macron agreed on a joint response to "Russian aggression". Is this a global conspiracy? Who else can connect to it, and what will the consequences be?

- This is a coordinated attack of the collective West. One should expect the reaction of other NATO countries. This is a convenient moment to declare NATO unity and justify the need for NATO as such. Absurd, but about the incident with the Violin May already speaks of as an act of military aggression by Russia against the country of NATO. Such a delirious reaction could not be imagined some time ago. Even in the famously untroubled Litvinenko case, they did not reach such absurd accusations.

"JV": - How does Russia react to all this?

- Quietly, without hysteria. Hold presidential elections. And after the elections continue to consistently uphold our interests in the international arena. The dog barks, and the caravan goes.

- London is a place of concentration of business activity, global financial flows, various transactions, etc., activities, which can not attract certain types of personalities, - recalls associate professor of the Higher School of Economics, member of the Zinoviev club of the MIA "Russia Today" Pavel Rodkin.

- For many, this is due to the possibility of maintaining its importance or financial condition. However, as the history of various runaway oligarchs or spies shows, they all quickly find themselves on the periphery of a serious and respectable business and become bargaining chips in big politics.

"JV": - No evidence is provided, but they are waiting for some explanation. The presumption of innocence in Britain is no longer working or is it not working towards Russia?

- The key in this story is not even the anti-Russian information campaign (developing quite predictable and standard), but the very form of the ultimatum. At the same time, the British side does not disclose even the criteria by which it is going to assess the truthfulness of the justifications it requires from Russia. That is, we are talking about an ultimatum requirement of confessing guilt to a well-known accuser with a verdict. Such exceptional rhetoric and political form testifies to the beginning of an essentially and qualitatively new aggravation of relations between Russia and the West.

"JV": - The Secretary of State of the United States has already spoken about supporting London's demands. Is this a coordinated attack?

- Ultimatums of this kind are always prepared and coordinated. Russia's next accusations are part of a systemic and long-term campaign that demonstrates a tendency to escalate. The image of Russia, formed within the framework of this campaign (for example, as a terrorist country), creates political opportunities for a serious conflict and opens a very dangerous corridor of actions for the collective West. This image has a "cumulative" character, but every episode of the anti-Russian campaign more and more unties hands for the anti-Russian part of the Western elite.

"SP": - What specific "response measures" can London take? Do not go to the World Cup? Will they come up with new sanctions? Will it be necessary to build up the NATO grouping at the borders of Russia?

- Symbolic actions like the World Cup bicot on behalf of Western delegations, in fact, are only the outer, media shell of confrontation, a kind of "probing" the position of Russia. Much more dangerous is the new round of chaotic post-Soviet space, which is part of the pressure on Russia.

"SP": - What do the authors of ultimatums expect? And what in reality should be the reaction of Russia?

- Russia shows a restrained and wait-and-see attitude, this policy is likely to continue. However, the principled position will be articulated more and more clearly, that already this alone causes extreme irritation among Western partners.

- Theresa May has long and actively worked as one of the main speakers in the Western anti-Russian campaign, - says member of the Bureau of the Presidium of the Rodina Party, director of the Institute of Freedom Fyodor Biryukov.

- She became a true mouthpiece of aggressive political Russophobia. The main method of the British prime minister in this game is unsubstantiated snap charges contained in any thesis. Like the famous semantic trap of Carlson: "You stopped drinking cognac in the morning, answer yes or no?" In this case, any answer will be interpreted against the accused in advance. Her new statement, the so-called ultimatum on the incident in Salisbury, is sustained in an absolutely peremptory spirit. The very wording: "plausible explanations" implies the possibility of rejecting any arguments of Moscow as implausible.

Of course, Moscow should not engage in such a discussion at all, since no one in the West needs answers. This is a direct charge of Moscow's "military aggression," and an attempt to justify itself will be used by Western politicians and the media also directly against the Kremlin. Therefore, in this case, the answer of the Russian president's press secretary that the "Skripal case", which worked for one of the British special services, "is not a Kremlin issue," is absolutely adequate.

"JV": - So, we do not react in any way?

- Of course, completely ignore the situation will not work. Therefore, Moscow should not respond to Mei's concrete fake accusations, but to an open attempt at British intervention in the presidential elections in Russia. And this is exactly the case. Obviously, the main goal of the British information and political attack is personally the head of state. It is because of his reputation that May tries to hit her and her special services. However, they work very clumsy. Even a cursory acquaintance with the practice of investigating such crimes allows us to assert that days are needed to determine the nature of toxic substances, especially rare or secret. And here the substance was called almost instantly, moreover, and almost with the address of the manufacturer. Yes, and the mad speed of diagnosis is also completely contrary to real practice. In general, the episode was worked out by British specialists in the spirit of "Bondiana": dynamically, effectively and absolutely fantastic. The effect is primarily intended for the inhabitants, who are easily impressed and frightened, as well as to the western political class, willingly using such "special effects" in the anti-Russian rhetoric on duty.

The Russian authorities today need to focus on ensuring the security of the presidential election on March 21. There is a possibility not only of cyberattacks, but also quite real and far from harmless for people provocations. In the future, however, the style of relations between Moscow and Western political centers will inevitably become even tougher. In this global game without rules, Russia will not obey foreign standards of conduct. Moreover, these are double and even triple standards, which in principle are not intended for conducting more or less honest negotiations. The tactics of the "war of nerves", blackmail and the most ridiculous threats will continue, in which the West is very experienced. Moscow should act accordingly, once polite forms of dialogue do not work today.

Dmitry Rodionov
Free Press
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