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West against Russia: military denouement is getting closer

Funnel confrontation persists in suck both sides of the conflict of civilization in its depth.

Despite all attempts to somehow clear and carefully start to build relationships between the West and Russia (about what they say and Lavrov's visit to Washington, and Merkel's visit to Moscow and Putin had a telephone conversation with Trump) it seems that the hour of the decisive battle between good and evil at the end of time is already at hand. For today, more than ever, having discarded any "isms", the whole question of what is true and true and what is not. And who on this basis "justly judges and militates". All the logic of events since 2013 year is moving towards the quintessence of resolving these fundamental intercivilizational issues. Whose civilization is a fake, and whose - a light in the night.

3 May the House of Representatives of the US Congress with the budget for the current fiscal year (ending September 30) has approved legislation on the financing of the security and national interests of the USA. It is expected that in the coming days, the documents will be approved by the Senate and signed by the President. The biggest part of these specialized instruments devoted to countering Russian and comprehensive combat. And even in those areas that are a struggle and reaction do not provide at all.

So, among other things, the Department of State in cooperation with the FBI and the US National Intelligence charged with preparing the rules under which the Russian diplomats and staff of Russian diplomatic missions in the United States must first notify all the trips to the country. Nothing like this anywhere in the world no. Execution of these facilities will turn our diplomats in prisoners under house arrest.

Only electronic spetsbrasletov to track movements lacking. About what there is of our media in foreign languages ​​or non-governmental organizations can be involved, if the holy of holies of - diplomats - make openly discriminated people ?!
Another section refers to the establishment of a special inter-ministerial committee with the task of countering the influence of Russia's secret to the public or foreign governments. It should include representatives of Intelligence, State Department, Pentagon, FBI, Department of Justice, financial and energy departments.

It generally passes all permitted boundaries of international relations. What is the US business up to our relations with third countries or their relations with us? We, what, did they create such commissions or something similar when the Americans, with all their hands and feet, interfered in the affairs of Ukraine and were preparing a coup d'état there? When before they went through their "color revolutions" along the entire perimeter of our borders? When does our local opposition fly to the US as a job, and go to the US Embassy in Moscow for instructions, guidelines, methodological documents and money? When on the territory of the Baltic countries in special "youth" camps, American instructors train young militants for street riots in countries that are not friendly to the United States, for example, for the same Belarus?

Of course, all these and other areas of their own American interference in the affairs of others, not only will not be phased out or somehow limited, but the wave of Russophobia will be strongly expanded and intensified.

In the section devoted to the support of European countries, including some of the post-Soviet countries, according to the allocation of not less than 100 million dollars to counter Russian influence and aggression. The funds will provide organizations the so-called "civil society" in these countries to support the rule of law, democratic institutions, freedom of the media, and so on. D. The document also refers to the allocation of funds for programs to support democracy in Russia, including free internet.

5 years ago, in August 17 2012 years, the German editionGerman-foreign-policy.comin the material titled "The shroud of democratic rhetoric," he wrote: "The European Union has created a fund for the covert support of the opposition forces in the neighboring EU countries. An example and a model of the fund were American human rights organizations, always helping opponents of the government in all countries, including the putschists. The new European human rights organization called the "European Foundation for Democracy", abbreviated URF (European Endowment for Democracy, EED) ... ».

In addition to these sverhotkrovennyh language documents from senior US officials sounded no less eloquent statements.
"The North Atlantic Alliance and the United Command of the US armed forces in Europe" return to its historic mission, once again becoming the integrated command center of wartime, "- said, speaking at a hearing in the US Senate, GeneralCurtis Skaparrotti.

According to the commander of US forces in Europe, the main reason for the revision of the military alliance's strategy of aggressive actions of Russia. "Russia is looking for reasons and opportunities for the destruction of the existing system of international relations and trying to discredit the Western countries that have created this system - the general said Skaparotti" "Voice of America" ​​reported on its website 3 of May.

When combined into a logical whole passed by Congress documents in which our diplomats, de facto put in the position of the representatives of the country located in a very hostile, the pre-war state with the state of presence, and saying Skaparrotti the establishment in Europe of the integrated command center of wartime, it becomes clear that the funnel confrontation inexorably sucked into the depths of its Russia and the West.

This is confirmed by a number of other events.

10 May Kuwaiti editionAlkuwaityahIt spreads information that "the US military is working on new rules for the operations necessary in the light of a potential conflict with Russia and China." The article is called: "America is preparing a war scenario with Russia and China."

The US military department, starting work on new documents of the global war, pursues several goals. As follows from the article, the Americans are concerned about the development in Russia and China of the newest types of fighters, the improvement of air defense systems, and the availability in their arsenal of long-range precision anti-ship missiles capable of easily destroying US aircraft carriers. But the aircraft carrier is known to be the weapon of attack, not defense, why the Soviet Union did not fundamentally build them (aircraft-carrying cruisers, who were in service with him, were not aircraft carriers and were intended only to cover the deployment of strategic nuclear forces of sea basing from the air in the places of their operational concentration).

Consequently, America straining the growth of our defense capabilities, can disrupt their global plan of aggression, providing a massive disarming aerospace kick.

In the same context, it should consider them anti-missile system. The head of US militaryJames Mattisa few days ago gave the order to review this program. The review will be aimed at finding "ways to strengthen capacities in the field of missile defense and rebalance priorities abroad and inside the country." The US Department of Defense stressed that the "protection of the nation and US interests abroad from ballistic missiles is one of the highest priorities" department.

But then again, the United States is not threatened at all, especially ballistic missiles. Unless of course they do not provoke their aggression back.
Hypothetical nuclear missile attack from North Korea, in reality does not represent a serious danger for the United States and does not require such costs, and such infrastructure. North Korean missile technology quite primitive and highly vulnerable in terms of their exposure to advanced US electronic warfare and missile interceptors available on aircraft and ships.

China holds in US dollars three trillion of its foreign exchange reserves, and exports to the United States to 68% of all produced in their products. Therefore, to bomb America to China - is not just to shoot itself in the foot, it will be fatal for him.

And the United States and China do not have a global civilizational conflict that could lead to war. Virtually all modern geopolitical theorists recognized that the Confucian (Chinese), Muslim, and especially Western civilization is not the United States are no immediate or prospective threat. It remains only to Slavic-Orthodox civilization, led by "always inflames passions and anti-Americanism" independent and unruly Russian.


Last December, the Council on Foreign Relations called the possible aggravation of relations with Russia the main threat to America in the year 2017. Then, as if on cue, he published a curious and very frank book, former deputy commander of NATO in Europe Richard Shirreff, entitled: «2017 year. The war with Russia. " You'll laugh, but the preparation of the new rules of global war, writes about Alkuwaityah, it should be completed in the autumn of the year 2017. So we have, roughly speaking, a maximum of six months.

The fact that all this is really serious, you can judge by the outbreak of the first days of May, the preparation of public opinion for obvious upcoming speed large events.
On the eve of Victory Day suddenly he spoke long silenceKondoliza Rays. She said the following: "It is important to ensure that the United States no longer bear to see, until the Russian army is threatening the US armed forces." And further: "Strengthening the defense budget - this is an important signal that the United States will not tolerate certain things."

From these very important in terms of propaganda statements in the head of the American and any other western people have to sit two fundamentally-important "nail": we are threatened and we will not tolerate! Through the prism of these two plants inhabitant will have to take all subsequent events as inevitable and self-evident.

In the same vein, and in those days the airFox NewsexpressedDzheyms KarafanoanalystHeritage Foundation(In English the Foundation "Heritage" - Strategic Research Institute of the United States, engaged in a wide international policy research spectrum). "One of the featuresVladimir Putin- that he was very consistent - that he turned to the Soviet tactics and consistently apply them one after the other ", - he said.

Again, what does this statement from the propaganda point of view? Another important aspect of "nail" in layman's head: blaming the current Russia and its leadership in the "Sovietism" Carafano builds analogies projection in the continuity of the "evil empire" policy, which means that as the previous version of this empire - the USSR, the Russian Federation must be defeated.

A third said a senior researcher at the Danish Institute for International StudiesFlemming Hansen Splidsbuel. Not to mention it directly, it is, however, warned that in the case of Russian successes in promoting the Global Resistance Western project and counter the "color revolutions" in proportion will increase its force of political influence and power in the world. Accordingly, this area will decrease the influence and power of Western civilization. According to Hansen, NATO consider it a threat.

Propaganda circle has closed all three performances: Russia - the successor of the "evil empire" of the USSR, threatens US, NATO, and the whole of Western civilization, which, naturally, we will not tolerate!


Thus, the choice of Russia's de facto no.

West never took for granted the existence of any of our country is its influence and its civilizational absorption. Never and no truly peaceful coexistence was not civilizations. West with the same zeal associate went hiking and Imperial RussiaAlexander I, And the communist Soviet UnionStalin. And if not for nuclear weapons, with the same zeal would have gone, probably to us in the era of Brezhnev's "stagnation". Now here he is quietly trying to be integrated in the plans of the next missile campaign, in the hope that it may forever destroy the hated colossus.
It really could happen this autumn.

On September 14 20 of Russia holds large-scale exercises "West-2017», which will be held in the Kaliningrad enclave in the western part of Russia (including the Kola Peninsula and the Arctic) and Belarus. According 10 MayThe Washington PostUS worried that under their view, Russia can throw in the western regions of the new models of weapons (primarily "for the modernization of missile defense systems"). From the words of officials of the US Department of Defense, the US military will strengthen the monitoring of the movements of the Russian troops during these exercises.

As stated by The Washington Post, two representatives of the United States, who wished to remain anonymous, in August - early September, US ships will be located in the Baltic Sea and take over the NATO mission to patrol Baltic airspace.
Moreover, according to the German 10 MayDeutsche WelleWashington is considering the possibility of sending Patriot mobile missile defense system in the Baltic countries to take part in NATO exercises this summer. This was late in the evening on Tuesday, 9 May said in Vilnius representatives of the US armed forces, decently proviso that the move will be temporary.

Thus, it is possible that has already begun covert race to stay ahead: Russia under the guise of training exercises really intends to simultaneously and efficiently build and modernize the aerospace defense in the west, which violates all the US plans, and those, in turn, under the pretext of observing Scientists plan to transfer directly to our borders mobile missile complexes struggle, strike systems, guidance systems, reconnaissance and targeting systems, electronic warfare, communications and build a communication chain to the ground part of the operation.


Still wandering in the corridors of Russian power and journalistic circles illusions regardingTrumpas a sympathizer of our country led by the White House are not under a real reason.

We read in an interview of the sameJames Carafano"I worked with the group on the transfer of cases to the Office of the President. No one had ever planned to be softer with Putin and without enthusiasm, so to speak, relate to NATO. This one and never planned, so that Russia has, in principle, it was not possible to get a sympathetic president it - and so it happened. "

«Tillersonlast month, he arrived in Moscow on his first visit as secretary of state and began to revive those positions that Moscow believed buried together with the Obama administration. So, Tillerson has again raised the shield on the idea that the main friend of Russia in the Middle East - Syrian PresidentBashar al-Assad- I must go. Trump's administration has also made it clear that Russia should get out of the Ukraine and to cease violations of the important agreement on missiles, "- writes 4 May, one of the oldest and most influential US newspapersThe New York Times.

In the same dayGazeta PolskaIt comes with a large article entitled "Putin threatens America," which says, "Rex Tillerson held talks with Vladimir Putin andSergey LavrovAnd his message sounded clear on his return: the deepest crisis in relations between the US and Russia has become a fact. "

All this is very serious. Trump and every other Western politicians do not seem able to resist the power of the funnel confrontation, even if they passionately wanted to do it. But it develops a growing sense that there is this and do not want to, but on the contrary, with the mad rage of adrenaline cowboy bronco chase to the edge of war.

A source: Geopolitics

Author: Vadim Bondar

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