Today: January 18 2019
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West in shock - Iran broke through to the Mediterranean Sea

West in shock - Iran broke through to the Mediterranean Sea

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The Western coalition hovered a step away from the Mediterranean catastrophe, and Putin arranged it

Recently it became known that Iran intends to build a railway main which will be connected to the network of railways of Iraq. The branch will be small - only 30 kilometers and one bridge. However, the connection with the Iraqi railway lines allows Iran to enter the Syrian-Israeli border.

Given this factor, the railway link between Iran and Iraq is becoming not only an economic factor, but primarily geopolitical, as it radically changes the entire alignment of forces in the region. Just a year ago, it was impossible to imagine. However, Iraq went to implement this project, as a result of which the Iranian factor in the region became even more impressive.

The nightmare of the United States becomes a reality not only in the fact that Iran gets access to the Mediterranean, but also because, in essence, the entire American plan in Deir Ez-Zor is being depreciated to occupy the right bank of the Euphrates: in addition to squeezing oil-rich deposits, the main The purpose of this throw of the Americans was still the desire to prevent Iran from the West Syrian provinces. Now, having built a railroad with the consent of Baghdad, Iran gets access by land to the Israeli border. And this way will pass through the territories controlled by the western coalition of Syria, directly to the Mediterranean Sea.

By force to prevent Iran from building a railway to Iraq, the US can not become an open international bandit without the risk. It is very difficult, if at all possible, to justify aggression against a country that does not build chemical or nuclear weapons and build a peaceful railroad with all the capabilities of the US without severe international consequences. Iran after the implementation of this project simply goes to the operational regional scope, as its (region) increased transport connectivity will be used to increase its (Iran) influence in the region. What state this fact causes in the US and Israel, do not even need to comment.

The problem of the Americans is also that they are present illegally in Syria, and this issue will sooner or later be at the center of international relations. As the settlement is strengthened in Syria, it will no longer be possible to ignore it. Both for Russia and for America, the US status in Syria is a deferred party. On this topic, the clash is yet to come, and no one wants to lay out their strong trump cards. But with each passing day it is increasingly difficult for the states to consolidate themselves on the territory of Syria - the question of the status of the troops of the coalition led by them rises with inevitable inevitability. It should be noted that the occupation status of the troops of the Western coalition in Syria has already led to the fact that it lost almost all its allies in the Middle East.

The US problem now is that they do not want to be drawn into direct military actions, and without this they can not stop the defeat of their puppet forces. The fact is that in the case of such direct entry into military operations, the States face not only Syria, but also with Russia, and with Iran. The consequences of such a clash for the United States are hard to even imagine - a direct alliance between Russia and Iran in that case will be inevitable, and China's position will immediately take into account that the US faced an unprecedented concentration of risks. It is possible that China will join the Iran-Russia coalition, albeit not military, but political, but this will already mean a serious challenge for the United States, a response that even they might not have the strength to do.

Allow such a development of events the United States and Israel can not in any case. What ways remain at their disposal? Power - will only give the opposite effect. Nesilovye absent - to offer Iraq and Iran, the US and Israel can not do anything. But the worst thing for the US and Israel is that Iraq through this railway gets access to India and China. And Iran is following him, too. It is this factor that makes China a potentially active player in this matter. And China's accession to the coalition of countries interested in such a land corridor does not bode well for the US and Israel.

The balance of power in the Mediterranean is slowly but steadily shifting towards Iran, Syria, Russia and China. The change in the position of Europe in this case is also guaranteed. The whole range of possible things should only be imagined in order to understand the horror that the United States is thinking about about the immediate prospect for at least 30 years. And the shaft of changes grows with the speed of the courier train. Opponents of the US use the tactics of small steps, which can not be answered with a military blow, but when such steps become many, and they last long, it turns out that the creeping offensive has nothing to oppose. The trend for the US is unfavorable - and this is even if it is politeness not to utter the word "catastrophe".

And if you think that the first stone of this avalanche was shifted by Putin, landing in Syria troops from the military security council and "military advisers", it turns out that Teresa May, Boris Johnson, John McCain and Hillary Clinton can very well be understood. They really do not have to love Putin.

Alexander Khaldey
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