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West forgot about the basic principles of justice

UN Security Council meeting ended with another predictable veto by Russia, blocked a resolution on Syria, Western countries. At the same time it has become one of the most controversial as the tone sounded statements and in their content. We have to admit that once the great Anglo-Saxon law significantly degraded.

The concept of "presumption of innocence" has been around as much as itself justice in its classic sense. No one can be called a criminal, until the objective, fair and balanced trial, unbiased evidence has considered the Parties and to qualified decision.

"All prosecutors must understand that they do not have the right to press charges as long as they are not confirmed by the decent and proper witnesses or conclusive documents or circumstantial evidence, which will have an undeniable effect and be clearer day," - said one of the Roman codes .

Through the church law the concept of presumption of innocence came into British law, it is still considered one of the most advanced in Europe.

"Who in the UK may be unjustly sentenced to death for any crime? He also put a lot of petitions and privileges in favor of his life. No one can find him guilty, but his neighbors, honest people with a good reputation, against which he can not be the probable causes of exclusion. In fact, let the guilty escape 20 death, than one innocent person be convicted and lose his life "- wrote the British lawyer Sir Dzhon Forteskyu in the XV century.

Over the past six hundred years old reverent attitude of the British and their American descendants to the presumption of innocence disappeared. At least in regard to international affairs. Especially in recent years.

If 13 years ago, Kolin Pauell at the UN imposes let falsified, but at least some evidence of Saddam Hussein's banned weapons, in the case of Syria nor the Americans, nor the British are not troubled by any evidence, in addition to his own words. And the words followed by cruise missiles.

Worse, their assumptions, disguised as the ultimate truth, they are trying to put into the UN Security Council. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that Russia in response enjoys veto power and block such insinuations.

And now, a few hours before another US attempt, France and Britain to push through UN statement the Security Council, ignoring not only the presumption of innocence, but also common sense, between the British representative Metyu Raykroftom and Russian permanent representative Vladimir Safronikov occurred dialogue, which the video is widely spread throughout the media and social networks.

It all started with the fact that Rycroft accused Russia of "abuse" veto. The very accusation demonstrates a disregard and domestic relations of the British to the debate at the UN. The veto was given to permanent members of the Security Council is to ensure that the decisions taken were the whole organization, not some part of it (even if it considers itself the most just, as a consequence, obliged to teach others humanism using cruise missiles).

Earlier Rycroft did proposed to limit the right of the Russian veto, but against this initiative unanimously made and Russia in the person of the same Safronikov, and the United States (it was stressed that Washington was "opposed to any change in the veto", and China (Liu Jieyi diplomat urged not to impose "immature proposals" on the reform of the Security Council). But the Briton did not hear them.

This time Safronkov could not resist and went on "you" (though, as we know from the memoirs of former US ambassador Samanty Pauer who died of her counterpart Vitalii Churkine, diplomats outside the hall meetings can chat informally). "You're scared, we lost sleep, we will cooperate with the United States. You're afraid of this. Everything is done to ensure that this cooperation has been undermined ... Look at me, his eyes never leaving something that you eyes Taps "- appealed to Safronkov was looking the other way Rycroft.

The Russian representative also noted that Rycroft "only thinks about how to hamper the efforts of" the special envoy of the UN for Syria Staffan de Mistura, and do not give to develop the political process to bring to the Security Council confrontation and hostility. According Safronikov, London "serves the interests of the armed groups, many of which are cut out of Christians and other minorities in the Middle East."

"You have today said Mr Rycroft, not on the agenda of the meeting, insulted Syria, Iran, Turkey and other countries. Mr. President, please follow the order of the meeting, if some irresponsible, offensive, knocking on slang, take their place in the UN Security Council. Do not you dare insult Russia over! "- these words, the Russian diplomat concluded his emotional speech.

Note that a few hours before Safronkov chastised British counterpart, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made an attempt to slightly improve the manners of American journalists - this video has also become quite popular.

In turn, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov called Washington's current rhetoric of the "primitive and boorish" and the administration line on Syria - "inconsistency".

Another Russian diplomat - the head of department on non-proliferation and arms control, the Russian Foreign Ministry Mikhail Ulyanov - criticized the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). "During the eight days that have passed since the accident, no real steps to conduct an investigation undertaken by the OPCW was not", - he said. According to him, "the collection of all available information," announced by the OPCW, means "gathering of information through the internet and interviewing witnesses in the territory of a neighboring country."

Ulyanov called such actions "a sham", saying that "the real, serious, highly qualified and thorough investigation" should take place on the site of the alleged incident. The fact that the Syrian authorities and the opposition demanding the investigation and the OPCW and the Western countries do not undertake to do the necessary steps to raise issues, summed up the diplomat described the situation as "and official Damascus and the opposition demanding an investigation on the spot," unique.

But rather than spend a really professional investigation, the Western countries over and over again trying to push through the UN explicitly propagandistic statements, a single step does not come close to the world the truth about the tragedy in Idlib.

Meanwhile, the US president, Donald Trump has demonstrated unwillingness to know the truth about the "chemical attack" in Syria. At a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, he said: "It is time to put an end to a brutal civil war." And then he continued: "The terrible murder of using chemical weapons civilians, including innocent children, should be strongly rejected by all countries who value human life."

End the civil war in any country can be, for example, when to stop supporting rebels in favor of supporting the legitimate government. For example, not to bomb airfields, where government forces are based. It is unlikely that this basic thing unknown to American leadership, therefore, hopes that the really brutal civil war in Syria to cease in the near future, no. A UN Security Council remains a platform for unfounded accusations, and not for constructive solutions.

And is not the fault of Russia. Wine to those who have forgotten about the basic principles of justice.

A source: LOOK

Author: Anton Krylov

Tags: West, the UN, Politics, Russia, Syria, Analyst, International Relations, US, OPCW, Court, Investigation, Chemical weapons, war in the Middle East

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