Today: January 17 2019
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Western media: Russia again drove the US into a Syrian trap

Western media: Russia again drove the US into a Syrian trap

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Beginning with the US submission of hostilities on the northern border of Syria between the Turkish army and the Kurdish militia continue to be one of the main events in the tapes of world media. Almost simultaneously, the American The Washington Post and the British The Guardian published materials acknowledging that this war is a trap for the US and NATO, from which only Russia really wins.

"While the United States was consumed with a temporary halt to the work of the government and President Trump's mental health debate, Turkey, a partner of NATO, invaded Syria and launched attacks on our Kurdish allies who rendered substantial assistance in the war against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Associated Press reported: "As US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Tuesday, Turkish air and ground offensive operations against Kurds in northwestern Syria are diverted from international efforts to liquidate the" Islamic State "organization, and also disorganize the work on humanitarian assistance. "

Unfortunately, to date, the US response has not been sufficiently thought out. "In this sense, the rather timid appeals of the State Department and the Ministry of Defense to" show restraint "towards Turkey allow him (Erdogan) to behave arrogantly and will almost certainly convince him and his entourage that the US refuses to take tough measures against Turkey because "she is too big to fail" "...

Unfortunately, Tramp's apparent lack of will to oppose domestic repression in Turkey and the relative meekness and gentleness of the Trump administration in Syria (although Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said last week that Syria would require the presence of the United States) have obviously allowed Russia to become the dominant power in this region - together with Iran. This week, Tillerson called on Russia to "take responsibility" for the alleged chemical attack in Syria. He also expressed "concern" over Turkey's offensive, but did not demand to stop the invasion. We must give him credit, since Trump took office, he is trying in every possible way to keep pace with the events and compensate for the lack of a consistent strategy ", Writes the Washington Post.

If to say more shortly, the leading American edition recognizes that they both profanely profaned Syria and Turkey. True, the conclusions were made purely American: the United States should have pressed and frightened Erdogan so that he would not even squeak a squeak, pricking up the "war against the Kurds" against the Kurds. Probably, apparently, the sweep attempted to overturn the elite, local perverts, and also the expulsion of the people of Soros. And here we can only support the desire of our American colleagues. Knowing the violent nature of Erdogan and the fact that his Westerners are now in disgrace, this is exactly what is missing, for the complete and final turn of Turkey towards Russia and China, as well as withdrawing from NATO and disrupting the agreement on refugees. Then, of course, he will bargain, but he will do it for sure.

However, the most "tasty" was ahead.

"Tillerson admitted late that we do have national interests in Syria, we can not allow Syrian President Bashar Assad to remain in office for an indefinite term, and we must admit that if we want to stop Iran's aggression, we will have to maintain our presence in the country Syria.

"Leaving the US from Syria will give Iran the opportunity to further strengthen its position in Syria," Trump said last week, speaking at Stanford University. "As we see in the wars that Iran is conducting by someone else's hands and Iran's public statements, Tehran seeks to domination in the Middle East and the destruction of our ally, Israel. "Syria, as a country of instability and bordering on Israel, is a chance for Iran, which it seeks to take advantage of."

If this is accompanied by a consistent shift in policy, the calculations of Turkey, Russia and Iran may change. However, while we do not have the determination to uphold American values ​​and interests, Russia and its junior partners will fill the power vacuum in Turkey and Iran. And while Assad remains in power, the "Islamic state" still has incentives to fight. "Tillerson's speech is certainly a positive, small step forward in that he seems to recognize that if the US wants to have the right to vote on the future of Syria, they must maintain their presence there, maintain friendly forces that hold certain territories "Instead of" running around "in Russia in the hope of finding an ephemeral momentary" diplomatic solution "with the mediation of Moscow," says Edelman. "Will the strategy and politics really come out of this, time will tell." We hope that this concludes the weakening of the policy and the reduction of Washington's military efforts in this region. Recent events should convince the administration that restraint of the United States and respect for Russia - to which Trump often calls - is not the path that the United States will lead to new "victories" ", - summed up the popular American publication. And here begins the uniform hysteria on the face with delirium. To begin with, it is not clear at all how Iran was drawn to the side, which simply urgently needs to destroy Israel, or else it can not eat without it. It is even less clear why the IGIL TOZR's only motivation is Assad, and not the creation of a radical Islamic state, as it comes out of its very name. No, it is possible that the author of Washingtonka knows better about the aims of terrorists in defending American interests, but here is clearly a reservation on Freud. And it's completely unclear when this was their president running after Russia, when even American globalists are running from their devotee - Dvorkovich - to Davos, so that God forbid not to get under investigation? During the first year of Trump's management, our relations deteriorated, and against the background of the expectation of new sanctions for the "Trump Plan for Ukraine", there is nowhere else to deteriorate. And the last is simply wonderful: "Respect for Russia - to which Trump often calls - is not the path that the United States will lead to new" victories " - Correctly, let's rude further, the unfaithful partners. It's already more familiar to us, and Barak Huseynovych, a rapidly graying pensioner, will tell you about your "new victories". He also liked to pohamit, tell us how he tore us to shreds and everywhere he won.

But what caused such a stormy tantrum in the United States, a British edition of The Guardian told in a short note.

"The main problem for the West is that now that the Syrian conflict has most likely entered its final phase, it can not afford to lose diplomatic support for Turkey, since Ankara is an important compensating force in the process of peaceful settlement on conditions imposed by Russia . Absorption of Turkey by fighting with Syrian Kurds at the border may lead to the fact that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will conclude an agreement with Damascus and Moscow.

This will be a disaster for the US, because just a week ago, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson convinced the Trump administration of the need to conclude a political agreement in Syria that would involve the departure of Bashar al-Assad and the withdrawal of detachments of Iranian militants. If Turkey moves to Moscow, Russia will be able to further advance its plan for a political settlement in Syria, including at the Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue - a congress in which Turkey and Iran also participate in the organization and which should be held in Sochi on 29-30 January. The West is afraid that Vladimir Putin is trying to position Sochi as an alternative to peace negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations and thereby enhance Russia's authority in the Middle East. This congress can also be a means to conclude such an agreement, within which Assad will retain his post, and changes in the Syrian constitution will be minimal.

The events of the last few days indicate that Turkey and Russia may be close to an agreement. Officials of the Turkish military department traveled to Moscow shortly before the start of the Turkish invasion in order to obtain assurances that the Russian Air Force would not attack Turkish troops. On Monday, 22 January, Moscow announced that Kurdish representatives will be invited to Sochi, but she did not specify who will receive the invitation. The essence of the agreement between Russia and Turkey is clear right now: Ankara will support the plan for a peaceful settlement promoted by Moscow, and Moscow will silently agree to an operation of Turkey aimed at weakening the Syrian Kurds at the border ", - the English edition writes.

And this explains everything, including the sharp suffering of a number of our opposition defeatists who, from the stories about the "defeat of the Russian army" and "the glorious victories of the West over terrorists", went to moans about the fate of the Kurds, for whom the present massacre is not the first and, to Unfortunately, not the last. If you believe the British, Moscow, having concluded agreements with Turkey, not only did not allow the dismemberment of Syria, but "treacherously" did not allow another attempt to overthrow Assad. What will lead now to the withdrawal of the Syrian leader is not difficult to guess - all the successes in the war with terrorists will be nullified, and the country, like Israel dreams, will again fall into bloody chaos, where the defending US interests of TOZR IGIL or another pro-American terrorist group will be ruffled at the border with Iran and Turkey. As for Moscow, the treachery of Assad and Syria will be no less a blow to its prestige than the surrender of the Donbas of Ukraine, more precisely - will prepare for this ground, because we will not have any more geopolitical ambitions, in the current world the losers are not judged, they are being beaten. The Washington Post will not let you lie.

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