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17.04.2017 - 12: 40

Western media: Turkey exchanged democratization Islamization

Results of the referendum in Turkey will allow Erdogan to concentrate all power in his hands, destroying secularism and democracy in the country.

Results of the referendum in Turkey on constitutional amendments promised to make the country "less democratic, more sharply divided and more religious than ever», CNN writes.

American television channel said that, fearing defeat, the Turkish authorities at the last moment changed the voting rules. Right in the plebiscite, they stated that, contrary to the rules in counting the ballots will be counted, on which no printing of the election commission. Moreover, proponents of the amendments have had a huge advantage in media coverage, while opponents have faced threats and the risk of losing their jobs if they openly voiced their position.

Adoption of amendments to the constitution will not only strengthen the power of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, but also give him the opportunity to be elected for two terms as president - in 2019 and 2024 years.

According to CNN, is now ahead of Turkish people chopped even more tense Era Erdogana. President of the country will now get the authority to advance his plan to destroy secularism and the concentration of power in his hands. "For those who want Turkey continued its path to democracy, the rule of law, judicial independence, freedom of speech and equality for all, the road ahead was now much, much more sheer," - said the TV channel.

Erdogan uses the results of the referendum to consolidate power, to continue attacks on the opposition and make Turkey a more conservative and religious country, according to Canadian media.

After the referendum, Turkey will become more fragmented than ever, according to the Canadian edition of The Globe and Mail.

According to him, the Turkish opposition, opposed the introduction of amendments to the Constitution, there was no chance of victory in the plebiscite. Against the backdrop of an active propaganda in favor of voting for the amendments, the campaign against them was much less evident and did not have such a wide scope, and almost did not get media coverage. In addition, the active opposition was persecuted, and the ballot referendum question was not even specified, only the column "Yes" and "No," says The Globe and Mail. Under these conditions, a small detachment of the winning option, as well as the failure of the authorities in the three largest cities: Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir - this is a great achievement of the opposition.

After his victory, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan will further strengthen the power and continue the persecution of their opponents. There will be more attacks in the EU and possibly even campaign for the resumption of the death penalty in the country. It is also expected a greater rejection of secularism, the expansion of Islamic schools, the establishment of a more conservative legislation, as well as tough policy toward the Kurds.

Recall, on the referendum in Turkey in April 16 51,18 percent of the population were in favor of amending the constitution. The opposition said the violations and announced its intention to challenge the results. In Europe, gave a restrained assessment of the results of the plebiscite.

A source: https://vz.ru/news/

Author: Nikita Kovalenko

Tags: Turkey, referendum, politics, the Middle East, the West, the media, the Constitution