Today: December 14 2018
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Repair of the bike path in Ayia Napa is coming to an end

Repair of the bike path in Ayia Napa is coming to an end

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Repair and modernization of the bicycle path connecting Ayia Napa with Cape Greco's cape will be completed, as expected, by the end of January - beginning of February, the newspaper Filleteferos reports.

As stated in the official statement of the municipality of Ayia Napa, the work began 27 December 2017 year, their total cost is 500 thousand euros. The contractor is ANC Waterproofing Industry Ltd.

At the moment, along the entire length of the track (9 km), an old asphalt covering has been removed, which will be replaced by a new one. It is also planned to apply special marking, installation of new street lamps and laying tiles, which will ensure fast and safe movement of cyclists along the path.

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