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Tomorrow will bring the robe of the Virgin Cyprus

One of the most sacred relics of Christianity - the robe of the Virgin Mary - will be delivered to Cyprus on Thursday (May 18) to 23 May is exhibited in the church of Constantine and Helena in Dali (Dhali).

Relic will come from the Monastery of Nativity in Evros (Greece).

It is reported that the Virgin robe was found in AD 473 year and acquired by the Jews from the Holy Land. It was kept in the State Museum in Zugdidi (Georgia).

Relic arrives in Cyprus for the first time.

On Thursday (May 18) in 18.30 an official ceremony in the Church of Dali.

After that, the relic will be available for the faithful to morning 6.30 22.00 to 23 in the period up to May.

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