Today: March 22 2019
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Tomorrow in Limassol will be closed embankment

Tomorrow in Limassol will be closed embankment

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Tomorrow, 22 April, on Sunday, the embankment in Limassol will be closed for one-day repairs. All drivers and pedestrians should carefully read the information below.

The Ministry of Transport jointly with the Department of Public Works and the City Engineering Department informs: 22 April the embankment in Limassol will be closed for scheduled maintenance. From 6 in the morning until 16 hours in the evening, the waterfront section will be closed from the intersection with the Mane Diheni to Lord Byron Street (Limassol Municipal Park).

On this stretch of the road, there will be an asphalt covering replacement, Reporter reports. In this regard, drivers need to take care of finding alternative routes and put extra time on the trip.

As ancillary elements on the roads, there will be temporary signs-signs, and also road policemen will be on duty at this time. The Public Works Department apologizes in advance for the inconvenience and asks the drivers and pedestrians to be extremely attentive to the difficult sections of the roads.

Despite the fact that the tourist season has already begun in Cyprus, repair works on the roads do not stop. Constant updating of asphalt covering is required on many sections of urban and interurban roads, so sometimes drivers have to experience inconveniences. Nevertheless, the image of the cities does not suffer from this in any way.

Irina Zhmaeva
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