Today: February 17 2019
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"Green Economy" will correct the situation with employment in Cyprus

"Green Economy" will correct the situation with employment in Cyprus

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The "green economy" of Cyprus gives great hopes to the island and its population. The authorities plan that by the year 2027 every fifth able-bodied citizen will be engaged in this sphere, that is, about 100 thousand people.

The "green economy" of Cyprus is all activities that produce goods and services for monitoring, preventing and eliminating environmental damage to air, soil and water. Also in this area are solutions to the problems of minimizing noise, harmful waste and light pollution. The "green economy" program is implemented in the period from 2017 to 2027 years. During this time, the number of employees in this sphere will reach 100 thousand according to the plans of the authorities.

The annual demand for the specialties needed by the "green economy" is 3,5 thousand people, or 22% of the total needs of the Cypriot economy. The most important professions in this direction are geologists and geophysicists, production engineers, meteorologists, ecologists of all directions, electricians, architects, city planners, specialists in occupational health and hygiene, maintenance personnel, water canal workers, artisans and installers. The largest increase in demand will be noted in the category of artisans - their number will grow to 24,5 thousand and will account for one-fifth of all workers in the "green economy". The second place will be occupied by builders, the third - scientists in the most different spheres, transfers Philelewtheros.

"Green economy" will be an excellent option for obtaining the first professional skills for graduates of educational institutions. The authorities expect that the share of specialists after the universities will reach 2027% by the year 27, that is, a quarter of all professors.

Irina Zhmaeva
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