Today: January 23 2019
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"Green" Cyprus will not let Paphos "run wild"

"Green" Cyprus will not let Paphos "run wild"

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The Green Party in Cyprus is seriously concerned about Pafos's position after the end of the annual program "European Capital of Culture". The party intends to do everything to ensure that the city does not come to a cultural calm.

The Green Party in Cyprus deals not only with environmental issues: the culture of the island worries its members no less. Pathos after the program "Cultural Capital" can once again return to a quiet and measured life without busy activities, and all restored architectural monuments threaten to be abandoned again. To prevent this, the "green" decided to take the cultural life of Paphos under their control.

For this, the head of the "green" Yorgos Perdikis and the representative of the Party in Paphos, Andreas Evlavis, will meet today with the mayor of the city Fedonos Fedonas. They will discuss the issues of maintaining an active cultural life in the city-wards of UNESCO and will formulate a program of priority actions. "We will not let Pafos die again!" Said Mr. Evlavis in an interview with Cyprus Mail.

It is planned to pay attention to buildings and structures that were built or reconstructed for 2017 events of the year. These venues can hold concerts, shows, performances and other events that will attract not only local residents, but tourists.

Representatives of the "green" will discuss with the mayor and the environmental situation in the city. The party is worried about cutting down trees, despite the abundance of new plantings. "Planting new trees is not a reason to cut old ones," remarked Andreas Evlavis. For the parks of Paphos it is proposed to create a paid job for the forester so that a professional person can take care of the islands of nature within the city.

"Green" will remind the mayor of Paphos and the garbage processing plant, which is planned to be built in the suburbs. It will significantly improve the ecological situation in the city and help to make cleaner not only Paphos, but the whole island.

Irina Zhmaeva
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