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Heat, rain and thunder. What is waiting for the Cypriots this week?

This June is not like the others. To the bright sun, short rains on the coast, thunder in the mountains and a strong wind were added.

Cypriot weather forecasters forecast precipitation in Nicosia, Larnaca and Ayia Napa today, and in Limassol and Troodos Mountains - on Wednesday, 21 June. All three days will be windy. Some temperature decline is expected.

The coolest day this week will be Wednesday. In Nicosia, the thermometer will drop to 30 degrees (and on Sunday it will rise to + 38). In Limassol and Paphos on Wednesday will be + 27, in Larnaca - + 28, in Ayia Napa - + 26, in the mountain areas of Troodos - to + 17. On Thursday, 22 June, the air temperature will start to rise again.


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