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09.04.2017 - 15: 41

The victims of two explosions in the churches of Egypt became 40 people

The victims of the two terrorist attacks by suicide bombers in the Coptic churches in two cities of Egypt, have become 40 people. This was reported by the Arabic television channel Al Arabia. According to recent data, in Tanta 30 people died in Alexandria - 10.

With a difference of several hours in Tanta and Alexandria in the north of the country were carried out terrorist attacks aimed against Egyptian Christians. The festive Palm (Palm) Sunday parishioners gathered in churches on the solemn service.

In the church of St. Mark in Alexandria at the time of the explosion was the patriarch of the Coptic Tavadros II, who held a festive service. He was not injured.

It is reported that the victims could be much higher if the bomber is not stopped by a police officer, whose view of the stranger caused suspicion. As a result, an explosive device was powered at the entrance to hram.Politseysky died.

A source: TASS

Author: Dean drunk, Dmitry Tarasov

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