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Residents of Cyprus called for the humane treatment of snakes

reptile experts warn about the occurrence of mating season for snakes and call in any case not to kill them at the meeting.

Biologist Daniel Kurides said that from 7 speciessnakes living in CyprusOnly blunt viper (Macrovipera lebetina lebetina) can be dangerous, but not fatal to humans. When the bite should go to the hospital within 6 hours after the attack.

All other types of snakes are completely harmless to humans. Moreover, they are vital to the ecosystem Cyprus. Kurides also noted that due to the decrease in the number of snakes, the island could face a sharp increase in the number of rodents.

If you come across a snake in the house or garden, you should not make any sudden movements, you need to slowly get away and call the service of fire protection for the humane removal of reptiles.

A source: Cyprus Inform

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