Today: March 22 2019
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Residents of Cyprus are great optimists in assessing their health

Residents of Cyprus are great optimists in assessing their health

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About 80% of Cypriots are confident that their health is in excellent condition. These are the results of a Eurobarometer survey on justice, inequality and the connection of generations.

The list of "healthy nations" is headed by Ireland and Luxembourg (92% and 87%, respectively). At the bottom of the list are Latvia (55%) and Romania (57%).

Also about 12% of respondents in Cyprus stated that they feel loneliness most of the time, and 5% - feel lonely almost all the time. On the question of whether they consider good health as the basis of life development, 69% of Cypriots answered affirmatively. However, at the same time 40% of the population of the country are confident that the advancement (on the career ladder) is impossible without the presence of connections, and loneliness does not contribute to their emergence.

Finally, 81% of Cypriots are confident that "the differences in the incomes of citizens in Cyprus are too high," and 91% of them require the government to take measures to balance the situation.

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