Today: December 14 2018
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Residents of Limassol refuse to pay for unstable power supply

Residents of Limassol refuse to pay for unstable power supply

Tags: Cyprus, Electricity, Limassol

Residents of the four districts of Limassol said that they would not pay for the light, citing frequent power outages.

Leaders of the four districts of Limassol, Episkopi, Erimi, Kolossi and Kantou next week plan to meet with the chairman of the Electricity Supply Council (EAC) to discuss the frequent problems with electricity supply in their regions. According to community leaders, any weather fluctuation - whether strong wind or lightning in the rain - can affect the supply of electricity, according to The Cyprus Mail.

So, only last week - on Thursday and Saturday the light in the homes was missing more than 5 hours. If this trend continues, the residents will simply stop paying the bills that come to them.

Representatives of the energy company said that all problems are exclusively due to force majeure, and there can be no question of directly dealing with networks.

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