Today: March 23 2019
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Residents of the suburbs of the capital of Cyprus no longer intend to get on with the dump

Residents of the suburbs of the capital of Cyprus no longer intend to get on with the dump

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Residents of the Nicosia area are more than determined: from the year 2009 they are promised the elimination of a large landfill located not far from Cotciatis. But it's been almost ten years, and "it's still there".

Residents of the Nicosia region, namely the villages of Cotesias, Nisou, Pera Khoria, Limbia and others, strongly demand the eradication of the landfill. They threatened to block all roads for the garbage trucks and prevent them from traveling, so that the dump would no longer grow. The location of the waste site near the villages strongly affects the environment and people's lives.

Thus, fires in the landfill lead to severe air pollution, especially if we consider that a lot of plastic objects are burning. The last fire was recorded last week, when smoke even reached remote villages. Residents of nearby settlements found in their yards the remains of burned objects and black ash.

The Public Council of Cotciatis wrote a letter to the Minister of Agriculture Costas Cadiz, in which he warned that measures to "block" the landfill would be taken in the next few days. The minister promised that the issue with the dump will be resolved immediately after the Easter weekend, writes Cyprus Mail.

A few years ago, Cyprus had to pay for this dump: the European Commission found it extremely dangerous and issued a large fine, but then, according to the Commissioner, it was allowed to extend the deadline for liquidation.

Irina Zhmaeva
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