Today: December 14 2018
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Residents of Cyprus offered to check the products before buying

Residents of Cyprus offered to check the products before buying

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The Cyprus NGO Future Worlds Center has developed a free application for smartphones MAP YOUR MEAL ("Put your food on the map"). The application provides users with information about where and how the product was manufactured or grown, which lies on the store shelf.

The aim of the project is to make the process of food consumption more conscious and friendly towards nature. The developers of the application received an award in the nomination "Innovations in the field of global education" in the framework of the program GENE - Global Education Network Europe.

To get product information, you need to scan a bar code using a mobile phone.

The application MAP YOUR MEAL appeared in June 2016 year. In December, 2017-th introduced new options that allowed consumers to add information about new products and their characteristics. For example, whether pesticides were used during cultivation, whether they are genetically modified, etc.

The application is designed for both androids, and for iPhones. In addition to Cyprus, it is known in Austria, Bulgaria, Greece and Britain. Download it for free on link.

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