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17.04.2017 - 19: 06

Living in northern Cyprus Turks went against Erdogan

Most (56,61%) Turkish citizens living in the occupied territories of Cyprus, spoke out against the amendments to the Constitution, providing for a radical extension of the presidential term. The turnout for the referendum was 41,6%. In Turkey itself - the exact opposite result. 63-year-old Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced his victory and will remain president until 2029 years. On Sunday, he said he intends to immediately discuss the issue of the introduction of the death penalty. This means that Turkey can forget about EU membership.

As reported by the Turkish Cypriot newspaper Kibris, a referendum was held in the north of Cyprus with 5 9 of April (in Turkey - 16 April). The right to vote had 104 507 adult Turkish citizens residing in the occupied territories. In a referendum in Cyprus participated 43 480 people. According to the publication, this is progress. In previous elections came only 35 thousand voters.

A referendum was taken out21 Amendment. Since 2019, the president can appoint ministers, to introduce a state of emergency in the country and make laws which will come into force without the prior approval of Parliament. Post of prime minister will be abolished.

It should be noted that the meaning of amendments realized not all who are eligible to vote in Turkey and abroad. Participation in the referendum, in fact, came down to the fact that the answer to the question: "Are you willing to give Turkey personally into the hands of Erdogan?" At the end of counting 99,9% of ballots 51,2% of voters (24 325 985 people) voted "for", and 48,8 % (23 189 021) - «against». Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared victory without waiting for the official tabulation.

Adopted in a referendum amendments to the Constitution gave the Turkish president unprecedented powers and allow him to remain in his post until 2029 years. Erdogan has been in power in Turkey since 2003-th, when he took the post of prime minister. Since 2014, he is the president. In the 2019-m held regular elections. The term of office - five years, one person has the right to hold office for two consecutive terms. Erdogan's current term would be "reset."

Ankara referendum was preceded by active campaign in Western Europe, where there are several million immigrants from Turkey. The authorities of the Western European countries were not enthusiastic about the idea of ​​Erdogan. Attempts to emigrants meetings with Turkish ministers in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark have ended a series of scandals. Tougher all behaved in the Dutch - Turkish FM not allowed in the Netherlands, and the Minister for Family Affairs, to arrive by car from Germany deported back.

Who said what

On the eve of the referendumArchbishop of Cyprus Orthodox Church Chrysostomos IIErdogan wanted to win. According to him, in this case the Turkish people will not tolerate it for a long time and force very quickly leave the post №1.

Nikos HRIZOSTOMIDIS, a spokesman for the government of the Republic of Cyprus:"We want to normalize the situation in Turkey, to have been taken the decisions necessary for a Cyprus settlement. There is concern as Turkey tomorrow will be a different country. The Republic of Cyprus are also important results of the referendum in the occupied territories of the island and the lack of support for Erdogan's initiatives in the three largest cities of Turkey. "

Nicholas Papadopoulos leader of DIKO:"Today, Turkish democracy is dead."

Political movement "Civil Alliance"It called on the President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis ready for any development of the situation, to again come under pressure not to go to the next concessions during the negotiations for the solution of the problem of the divided island. According to "Civil Alliance", Erdogan will not be configured more conciliatory with regard to Cyprus after the referendum, as some believe.

Dimitris Papadimoulis, MEP from the ruling party in Greece and Vice-Speaker of the European Parliament:"Marginal, doubtful Erdogan's victory is not enough to declare himself Sultan."

Andreas Loverdos, the deputy of the Greek Parliament from the Democratic coalition:"Now Turkey Caesar's regime, which raises concerns both in Greece and in the European Union."


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