Today: November 19 2018
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Evil comes from the fact that we can not show love

Evil comes from the fact that we can not show love

Tags: Religion, Christianity

All the evil in the world happens, by the way, only because we can not show love. This is not someone, not an uncle of some in Africa is to blame, it's us, Christians, Orthodox, are to blame for the fact that the world lies in this evil. The apostles had such a love that the whole world, during one of their lives, turned to God. Thomas went to India, Paul came as far as Spain, Andrew Pervozvanny - to the Kiev mountains, and enlightened, and planted faith, and people believed. And they did not just believe. Now they are afraid to baptize the baby, if they did not call him, somebody to him, some uncle did not say something, but before that people were baptized and went to death for Christ's sake, for the sake of faith, for love, they were not afraid of anything. They were separated, killed, children were killed, they were put in dungeons, they were thrown to wild beasts - they were not afraid: yes kill, what difference does it make, a tiger will eat me, or will I die from a heart attack, or from diabetes? What is so clinging to this life, which still ends? Well, you'll live seventy years, well, ninety-five, well, two hundred and fifteen - what's the difference? It's not that important, the main thing: what's there, in eternity.

And we are attached to everything worldly: everyone only has his own snatch, something to build, something to blind, everything at the expense of another. Here as a result, life is wasted and goes - as the heat leaves the chimney, if the damper is not made, that's how our life is. Therefore, we must always try to cling to God, constantly strive for the Kingdom of Heaven, constantly learn love, less to try to imagine, and think about how to please God. Then life will not be barren, then we will become like Christ, then the Lord, seeing our aspiration, will grant us the Kingdom of Heaven.


And if we want to be Christians, we want to be with God in this life, and in eternity, then we must use all our will during the whole life, then there will be the desired fruit. All the rest is necessary insofar as.

Some people manage to experience complete disappointment during their lifetime. There are such people - responsible, disciplined, they are all well. But this is not important, but it is important, you have in your heart a love for God, or God for you - something so unknown. And how to reach out to God? Only one way: through the near. The Lord Himself said: "What you did to one of the least of these My brethren, you did to Me" (Matthew 25, 45). Therefore, to serve one's neighbor is to serve God. Some say: so what, will they ride me? But if this is what you serve God, what is better? Let it be so. So, you all need. What is so terrible about this? More than you can, you still will not do it. But we need to engage in such an activity that will make us good from the bad man, from the deceitful - honest, from the greedy - generous, from the prodigal - chaste. Here it is necessary to be engaged in this business. This is the spiritual life, because without God it is impossible. Only God can change our fallen nature.

Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov
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