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The Golden Age of the Anglo-Saxons and the sly plan of London

The Golden Age of the Anglo-Saxons and the sly plan of London

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It's time to summarize the preliminary results of the anti-Russian special operation "Novice".

To date, we can safely consider the following facts as undeniable:

1. The so-called Skripal poisoning is invariably an anti-Russian political provocation, organized by the special services of the United Kingdom and the United States.

This, in particular, indicates the following.

British Prime Minister Teresa May, just one day after the incident, announced the involvement of the authorities of the Russian Federation. What can be explained only by its political interest in precisely this definition of "guilty". Nothing of the kind could have sounded, in principle, under the condition of London's objective and conscientious attitude to the investigation of this incident within the specified time limits. In such a short time it is absolutely impossible to carry out all the necessary amount of investigative measures and collect evidence to advance such a serious accusation against a foreign state.

And this is not to mention the complete absurdity and blatant illogicality of such an act on the part of the Russian authorities ten days before the presidential elections, by definition requiring the complete elimination of such incidents. It is quite obvious that the British government was not at all interested in the real results of the investigation and the reasons for the alleged "heavy poisoning" of the ex-colonel and his daughter. Which are now "in a coma" that's why. that for them says the British political elite.

Such an attitude of official London to this situation can have only one explanation - there are not interested in establishing the truth, because they already know it. And the incident itself interests them only as an urgent reason for making accusations against Russia.

This is also confirmed by the categorical refusal of the UK to cooperate with the Russian authorities in the investigation of this "attempt". That, firstly, completely contradicts the international practice existing in such cases, and, secondly, it is a direct indication that the British authorities have something to hide. And this in itself puts an end to the version of their conscientious and unbiased attitude to this event.

The fact that it was a joint operation of the Anglo-Saxon special services (the United States and Great Britain) indicates the almost same early reaction of Washington. Where exactly, like Teresa May, without even pretending to wait for the results of the investigation, they hastened to announce "undoubted guilt" of Russia.

Thus, there is a fact sewn with white threads and quite rudely worked (in view of the obvious lack of time and a certain loss in the skill of British James Bonds, the basis was obviously taken for a stencil plot with the poisoning of "fighter Putin" by the "fighter with the regime" Litvinenko), but no less than an obviously planned, phased and politically motivated provocation, fully developed by Western special services in the interests of the most aggressive and anti-Russian circles in the state and "shadow" leadership of the Anglo-Saxons powers.

2. This provocation has both short-term and long-term political and geopolitical goals. First of all, it is designed to maintain and inflate anti-Russian psychosis in the West, aimed at increasing the manageability of the population of these countries in an atmosphere of general fear of the "growing Russian threat." And a significant improvement in the conditions for raising the degree of militaristic hysteria and pre-war psychological mobilization of Western societies.

The next attempt to create the image of "the enemy of all mankind" in Russia, is explained, firstly, by the fact that this is the traditional technology of the West applied by him to all countries unfriendly to him. Secondly, attempts of Western propaganda to form such an image on the basis of Ukrainian events, or the conflict in Syria, completely failed. The Euro-Atlantic population, driven to despair by bloody terrorist attacks at home, sees nothing particularly bad in the fact that Putin is cracking down on terrorists away from Europe. As for Ukraine, even the long-term, bitter psychological treatment did not prompt the Western philistine to regard the problems of this part of historical Russia as her own.

As for the "Skripal case" and the intentions already outlined in its framework to declare Russia "the sponsor of world terrorism," it gives a good reason to play on the mass fear of terror and to identify with the Russian Federation as such.

The measure of the suggestibility of the population of Western countries, which for tens of years has been processed by almost one-dimensional Western propaganda, in the conditions of strongly weakened citizens in relation to material prosperity, is close to absolute.

A vivid illustration is a scandalous incident in the American town of Elizabeth City in North Carolina. The local municipal council refused to install in the city park a monument given to the city by the Ministry of Defense of Russia, who were killed during the Second World War by Soviet pilots trained at the local airbase of naval aviation.

The motives were thus expressed so frankly wild that they leave no doubt - the average western man in the street is quite ready even for uncritical perception of the "news" that the Russians have entered into a secret collusion with the Martians in order to send the entire US population to the Martian meat factory.

"One of the city council members said that the monument can be a Trojan horse. Johnny Walton fears that Russians can put something into it, which can be caused remotely to destroy the Internet or the electrical network. "Russia, as is known, is hacking now, they are hacking experts, and although we have the largest coast guard base, it will not help anyone, because our computers will fall because Russia controls our mouse," Walton said at the committee meeting " (a source)

In such cases it is customary to say: comments are unnecessary!

3. The strategic goal of this special action, obviously, was not the presidential elections in Russia. Firstly, because by the terms of its beginning, it was clearly late, if there was an impact on the electoral process in Russia. In addition, the West is certainly aware that this kind of provocation is completely counterproductive in terms of undermining Russia's internal stability, since it will inevitably provoke a reaction of the majority of Russians that is negative for the West itself. Which, in fact, happened. There can be no doubt that the willingness of Russian voters to vote for Vladimir Putin, that is, for the strength and sovereignty of Russia, against the backdrop of this Anglo-Saxon provocation, has become even more unambiguous.

Thus, it can be stated that this special operation, which, in turn, looks like an integral part of a comprehensive plan to increase pressure on Russia, there are other long-term tasks. In this regard, it is worth noting that the script with the "poisoning of Skripal" was activated only a few days after the historic speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in which he presented to the world extremely convincing evidence of the West's fatal incapacity to subordinate Russia to its will force of arms.

This speech by Putin was for the West, very likely, a kind of final point for his past geopolitical strategy, based mainly on the military-political environment and "squeezing" Russia. And a turning point for the beginning of his new strategic course aimed at achieving the same goal - a complete solution to the "Russian problem", by several other means.

After making sure that the plans to outmaneuver Russia in the military-strategic field in the near future are doomed to failure, the West seems to be now going to begin the "correct siege" of this East Slavic fortress with the aim of its gradual exhaustion and, eventually, coercion to full military and political surrender.

Judging by everything, the Russian economy will be the main target of this "new policy" of the West. Which, as they expect, in the end, just must collapse under the pressure of Western sanctions and increasing restrictions on the export of Russian energy resources. It is the creation of maximum obstacles for this export and is now becoming the basic element of this strategy.

The United States and Great Britain as Western countries, least dependent on Russian energy supplies, play the most active role in this scenario.

Washington and London are very likely proceeding from the premise that Russian-Ukrainian gas cooperation should cease in 2019 due to the expiration of the current agreement, as well as the apparent impossibility of its continuation from the nomination by Kiev, at the instigation of the same West, of increasingly unacceptable for Russia, the predatory conditions of such cooperation. Reinforced, moreover, by the verdicts of an entirely "international justice" controlled by the same West. At the same time, the calculation is being made to completely paralyze alternative routes for Russian energy supplies to Europe, bypassing Ukraine and Poland. Pressure to this end on the extremely interested in such supplies, European countries and, above all, Germany, is growing almost every day. However, it is very difficult for Anglo-Saxons to impose such a line of behavior in relations with Russia on continental Europe, which is extremely unprofitable and even dangerous for Europe.

It is with the goal of creating favorable conditions for the solution of this unnatural task that the maximum anti-Russian psychosis is required, which is now intensively fueled by London and Washington in all possible ways. Not least, and with the help of a deliberately brought to schizophrenic level completely fabricated story with "poisoning" of Skripal.

And it is not by chance that, in the atmosphere of this psychosis, the countries of the European Union are compelled, one by one, to agree to the mass deportation of Russian diplomats, even though, in fact, there is absolutely no reason for it in their own relations with Moscow. It is quite obvious that in this way they want to solve the main task - forcing the German authorities to finally give up gas cooperation with Russia under the monstrous pressure of the "public opinion" stirred up by the propaganda. What, ultimately, should, according to their plan, completely paralyze the energy export of Russia to Europe.

The West definitely counts on the fact that Russia, which has already lost up to a quarter of its GDP in the next three years organized by the West and politically motivated to dump world energy prices, will not survive another "knockout blow" and will have to throw out a white flag and take Western conditions surrender.

In the same very likely case, if this still does not happen, it will be possible to use "Plan B" against the Russian Federation, the prerequisites for which are fully ripe by that time. The main point of this will be that Europe, deprived of a normal energy supply, will begin to experience increasingly serious economic difficulties and the accompanying social upheavals. That will inevitably lead to the radicalization of local political regimes and to the growing demand for the most extreme means of solving the problems that have arisen. In these conditions, even a military confrontation with Russia will cease to be perceived in Europe as it is perceived today - as something completely meaningless and unnecessary. Europeans will be strongly recommended through the same all-powerful propaganda: "Go to the East and take everything you need there!"

Meanwhile, it is the provocation of a large intra-European military confrontation, for more than a hundred years, that is the trump card of Anglo-Saxon geopolitics. And there is no reason to believe that today the Anglo-Saxons have fewer motives for this than they did in the tenth and thirties of the twentieth century. Rather, even more, since today the world "Anglo-Saxon" is definitely on the descending section of its historical trajectory and more than ever needs the most potent means to extend its obviously prolonged "golden age".

Yuri Selivanov
Military Review
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