Today: 26 September 2018
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Gold toilet bowls of American generals

Gold toilet bowls of American generals

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The golden loaf of Yanukovych is childish nonsense, against the backdrop of the achievements of American generals and the military-industrial complex of the most advanced power of the planet. The Russian General Staff is horrified by the realization that "we do not have to live like this".

To immediately dot the "E" and stop the crying of Yaroslavna over the flying squadrons of squadrons of "golden loaves", the statistics of Transparency International, the belief in which is absolute and infallible:

The US at 18 place with the index of corruption perceptions 74, and "unwashed Russia" as much as 131 with 29 points. I do not even want to say with whom she shares this shameful place, so everything is bad with corruption. But in the US everything is just fine. This is confirmed by the most authoritative institution in the world, engaged in public opinion polls:

Correspondent of CNN Drew Griffith told that 78 senators include officially registered lobbyists as members of the family:

"There are a hundred such lobbyists, and according to the Legistorm organization monitoring Congress activity, the total amount of their lobbying contracts is 2 billion dollars. Russians are very familiar with simple bribes - envelopes with money, etc. We in the US specialize in "soft bribes" - you care about the relatives of the legislator, and the legislator cares about you. "

Now do you understand how everything is bad for us? Even the Yankees write about it. And here are concrete examples of what all underdeveloped regional gas stations should strive for.

To the American gas station. Built at least in Afghanistan. The head of the General Inspection of the US Department of Reconstruction of Afghanistan reported that 43 million were spent between 2011 and 2014 years on the construction and maintenance of refueling - according to official financial documents. The original price of a turnkey-500 thousand!

But this is a small gesheft of some captain. Colonels earn other money. The famous USAID in the same Afghanistan mastered billions. In 2006, funding of 1,4 billion US dollars was started for a period of 5 years. In 2010, the special commissioner stated that most of the money was stolen, and some are invested in projects that Afghanistan can not exploit.

But there is also a general in the Pentagon, who also wants to eat black caviar with spoons and, due to age, also feed grandchildren. Well, about the senators above mentioned. For them, too, there are projects that are not measured by the miserable billions of lobbyists.

Here, too, everything is simple. In the spring of this year, Amnesty International released data that the US Armed Forces somehow lost a billion dollars in weapons in Iraq. You can build an aircraft carrier with this money!

However, it is to blame, the error came out. It is no longer possible. A dozen built nuclear-powered aircraft carriers of the "Nimitz" type due to wholesale cost only 4,5 - 6,2 billion per piece. The truth here does not include the costs of repairs, accidents and other lewdness, because of which dollars literally drain into the toilet. In all 423 toilet. It is the number of them that the latter has in the series of the aircraft carrier named Bush. History does not say how much it cost the conversion of the battalion of latrines to vacuum toilets, but the money was washed away irrevocably - regularly all 5680 crew members and air wing run to the leeward deck.

But even this is a bad smell, but still a story. Much more interesting is the next series of aircraft carriers Gerald R. Ford, laid in the far now 2005 year (cut off the first piece of the future building) as a modernized "Nimitsy." "Fords" had to be cheaper to operate due to more automation and a smaller crew. But this mythical economy has so far led to the opposite result.

This year it (in 12 years!) Was introduced into the fleet, but to the already spent 12,8 billion dollars, it is necessary to add an additional 4,7 billion of R & D expenses and a couple of billion to bring the new Ford to the mind - not all on a supermodern ship works as it should, but something does not work in principle. Again, something must be done with the space toilet to ensure that the crew does not fly out into the vacuum. It is believed that fully operational "Ford" will only begin with 2020 year. That's a success! From 12 to 15 years of work and almost 20 billion dollars !!

Compare with the price of "Bush" in 6,2 billion. Even without R & D and future expenses, the new "Ford" is more than twice as expensive!

And now in the Pentagon "they scratch their turnips" and think about how not to confine themselves to an aircraft carrier in the series. Not from a great desire to fight corruption, they just realistically understand that "Bolivar will not endure two." Not to mention the ten necessary. A project is necessary in all senses.

According to the Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University, by 2013, the US spent more than 4 trillion dollars on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan alone. Soon, the costs of current wars and related costs will be calculated - payments on old obligations, expenses for disabled people and others, spending a new defense budget, which is about to be signed by Donald Trump.

And involuntarily causes pity the state of corruption in Russia. Which is lagging behind the US in this hopeless race is forced instead of handsome aircraft carrier to adopt a cheap and primitive hypersonic missile "Zircon", capable of a few seconds to put into the bottom of 20 billion dollars of American taxpayers. And 5 thousand of taxpayers themselves.

This is the reason for the extremely negative attitude of the advanced powers in relation to corruption to Russia, which is underdeveloped in this sense.

Mikhail Onufrienko (Mikle1)
Military Review
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