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FTA with the EU has brought down the Ukrainian economy

FTA with the EU has brought down the Ukrainian economy

Tags: Ukraine, EU Economy

Agreement on free trade area (FTA) with the European Union has brought down the economy of Ukraine, Kiev is now forced to ask Brussels a new trade preferences, getting a new ultimatum, said the leader of the public movement "Ukrainian choice - the right people," Viktor Medvedchuk.

"The so-called Free Trade Area with the EU has brought down the Ukrainian economy. Today, Kiev has to humbly ask Brussels for additional trade preferences and increasing the quota for duty-free export of goods, receiving in return a new ultimatums ", - transmits his words TASS.

He said that the association with the EU was initially unprofitable for Ukraine, as Ukrainian products are not competitive in the European market. This free trade zone implied meager quotas for Ukrainian producers and provided "almost 400 exceptions and limitations."

"(FTA) could a priori not be a" deep "or" all-inclusive "as we have been told evrointegratory" - said Medvedchuk, adding that Ukraine has opened its market to goods from Europe, but she did not come out to the promising European market.

The terms of the association agreement, he called bondage and clarification on it, taken through the Netherlands, offensive. In the end, all this has led to "major losses from an FTA with the EU." However, even this Medvedchuk noted as an outspoken refusal of European leaders to accept Ukraine into the European Union in the coming decades, does not stop Kiev in the pursuit of "European integration".

"With maniacal persistence Ukrainian evrointegratory assert the immutability of" civilized "country of choice. Such an irrational approach threatens to fatal consequences for the country and not for the Ukrainian politicians ", - he concluded.

Medvedchuk has declared the failure of the policy of economic integration in the European Union and the creation of a free trade zone with the EU. EU Ambassador to Ukraine Ian Tombinsky also claimed that agreement on an FTA with the European Union has shown the weakness of the Ukrainian economy.

Provisional application of the economic part of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU started from January 1 2016 years.

Sergei Guryanov
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