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Putin's call to Trump was an example of the "espionage game" of the two presidents

Putin's call to Trump was an example of the "espionage game" of the two presidents

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Since Thursday, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump twice talked on the phone - which, of course, is an extraordinary event. Can this be understood as a sign of a break in relations between the two countries? In any case, it can be noted that the very fact of the second call contains signs of a mutual information game between the two presidents.

In the history of personal relations between the leaders of our country and the United States, for almost three quarters of a century (since the first acquaintance - they were the meeting of Stalin and Roosevelt in Tehran), everything happened - but the gratitude towards the CIA was never expressed by the leader of Russia. Especially in public, and even three days before the centennial anniversary of the Cheka-KGB-FSB.

So you just imagine how this news would be served by the American press if information about the content of the conversation between the two presidents was not heard from the representatives of the White House and the Kremlin, but would appear as a result of one of those leaks that were organized by the enemies of Trump in the White House and special services? How happy it would be that you finally found a direct proof of the treachery of Trump!

Indeed, what other conclusions can there be if everyone knows that the dictator Vlad Putin, who does not have a soul, because he is a KGB officer, organized the most terrible US history in the history of the US, as a result of which Trump came to power in the White House is a puppet of the Russians, apparently because they have dirt on him ... Now, this very same Putin is calling Trump in the White House and thanking him for providing the Russian intelligence services to the US intelligence! What arrogance, they are not even embarrassed, they talk about everything openly, thinking that they are not being auditioned. But valiant American patriots opened the "Washington Post" the whole truth ...

If you think that this is a very exaggerated exaggeration, then you have not read and listened to all that has been said all year in the States about Trump and the Russians. And any contact with Putin causes aggravation of the hysterical atmosphere.

Putin's Sunday call to Trump became their second talk in less than 70 hours. Before that, they spoke on Thursday evening - the US president phoned the Russian after he heard what Putin had said about him at his press conference. The fact that this call was sudden, indirectly confirms and more than a strange reaction of the former American ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul. He said that he was shocked by the very fact of the conversation between Trump and Putin, and this conversation does not correspond to the national interests of the United States. In what state is McFaul after the second conversation of the two presidents, so far unknown.

Indeed, from the moment Trump took office until last Thursday, the presidents spoke on the phone only four times - and here two conversations in three days. There is something to get excited about those who are in full confidence that they have blocked both Trump himself and his Russian policy. Moreover, in the course of both conversations, the presidents also thanked each other.

First, Thursday, Trump thanked Putin for praising the success of the American economy under his administration. And on Sunday, Putin thanked Trump for the information provided by the CIA.

"Vladimir Putin thanked Donald Trump for the information transmitted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States, which helped detain terrorists who were preparing explosions in the Kazan Cathedral of St. Petersburg and other public places. The information received from the CIA was sufficient to detect, search for and detain criminals.

The head of the Russian state asked the US president to convey his gratitude to the director of the CIA and the operatives of US intelligence who received this information.

Vladimir Putin assured Donald Trump that the Russian special services, when they receive information regarding terrorist threats against the US and their citizens, will immediately hand it over to their American counterparts through partner channels. "

This is the message of the Kremlin. And already the press service of the White House said that "President Trump appreciated this call and told President Putin that he and the entire intelligence community of the United States were happy to help save so many lives." Trump, during a conversation with his Russian counterpart, stressed the importance of anti-terrorist cooperation in the field of intelligence, the White House said, and both leaders agreed that the prevention of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg is a positive example of US-Russian cooperation.

After talking with Putin, Trump called the director of the CIA Pompeo and congratulated him personally and all members of the US intelligence services on "well-done work".

Amazing? No - in principle, the contacts between the two countries are much more serious than it seems to the noise of the cannonade of the propaganda war that was unleashed in the US first against Russia, and then against the new president. What has been done all this year in Syria through the military departments - and for sure also the military intelligence services - will not be declassified for a while in order to prevent clashes between Russian and American military forces. But an example of the transfer of information from the CIA to the FSB was decided to be made public now. What for? Of course, in order to facilitate Trumpu's struggle with his opponents in the US - a demonstration of how the two countries can cooperate in protecting the security of their citizens. It is difficult to imagine an American politician who would venture to publicly criticize Trump for the information provided to Russia. With all the anti-Russian fuss in the United States, many remember that the FSB warned the CIA of the Tsarayev brothers before the terrorist attack in Boston. The reciprocal courtesy of the CIA is important in any case - even if we consider that the importance of information provided by Americans is specially exaggerated by Putin (again to make a pleasant Trump).

In the story of the terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg, something else is interesting. The detention of terrorists occurred 14 December, that is, the day of the conversation between Putin and Trump, and even before it began. It is clear that the information of the CIA was transmitted for some time (day, week - of course, it is unknown) to Trump's call to Putin. But it turns out that during the first meeting last week of the two presidents, Putin was already aware of the arrest of the terrorists. So why did not he thank Trump on Thursday, and decided to make it a separate call on Sunday?

The answer lies on the surface. To be able to conduct another conversation and create a "good press" in the US for news about the terrorist attack "that prevented Trump."

This simple reception of information manipulation is needed not for Putin - who does not need to justify himself for natural foreign policy contacts - but to Trump. But Putin, of course, willingly plays along to his partner.

Yes, these are the two "spy games" led by the two presidents - in the sight of the whole world and Senator McCain, and the CIA is also involved in this. Horror, and only.

Peter Akopov
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