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You can get to Cyprus by ferry from Greece from the port of Piraeus and from the islands of Crete and Rhodes, from Port Said (Egypt), from Haifa (Israel) and Lattakia (Syria), from Ancona (Italy). You can swim with a boat from Odessa or Novorossiysk, which will cost, however, more expensive than a ticket for the plane. Since October 1974, the government of Cyprus has declared the ports of Famagusta (Ammostochos), Karavostassi and Kyrenia, located in the northern part of Cyprus, illegal "points of arrival" in Cyprus. Tourists arriving at these points are not allowed to cross the Green Line patrolled by UN peacekeepers, and they are also denied access to the southern part of the island.

Cyprus, being a small island nation, the maritime industry has to communicate with other countries. Cyprus ports also play an important role in passenger traffic, mostly it cruises. Thus, the proportional increase in this sector of the economy is growing tourist sector of the island. Cyprus a popular center of cruise tourism in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Port in Limassol - the main port of Cyprus. It is a leading port in which organized cruise tours. During the year 2003 Cypriot ports to send and receive about 500 000 4700 passengers and vessels.

Passenger ships departing from ports of Limassol and Larnaca, Cyprus associated with various Greek ports (Piraeus, Rhodes, Heraklion) and Middle Eastern ports, including Haifa, Port Said, Jounieh, as well as many Greek islands. In the winter months are not all routes. Liners several cruise companies are coming to Cyprus, including Classical Cruises, Costa, Euro Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess. Louis Cruise Lines ships are sailing to Egypt and the Holy Land Paradise Cruises also operate cruises to Israel, Egypt, Lebanon and Greece.

The Larnaca Sea Harbor is located in the Gulf of Larnaca and lies at 201 kilometers from Beirut and Tripoli, 266 kilometers from Tel Aviv, 421 kilometers from Port Said and 458 kilometers from Rhodes. The harbor, which is the official port of entry into the country, provides anchorage for 450 yachts of various sizes. The minimum depth of the harbor part used is approximately 1,5 m, and the maximum is 4.0 m. Silt and sand predominate in the seabed. The harbor is completely protected from all weather conditions. Only yacht owners and crew have access to the harbor. It is guarded 24 hours per day. Parking space must be reserved in advance. The amount of payment for parking varies depending on the time of parking and the length of the vessel, and also depending on seasonality. Yachts arriving in Cyprus or departing from Cyprus can pass customs and immigration formalities in the harbor area.

The harbor of San Rafael is ideal for fans of motor and sailing yachts, in addition, it is part of the San Rafael resort. To ensure the safety of guests, the harbor is guarded 24 hours per day. The breakwater is built in such a way as to protect the harbor from waves up to an altitude of 5 meters. The fire fighting equipment installed throughout the harbor reaches all yachts. The berth place for each yacht is fully equipped with a system for aft mooring. Anchorage is designed to receive 227 ships up to 30 meters long and displacement up to 4 cubic meters. Yachts are moored to 3 cement piers, and their owners and tenants use all the amenities provided, including fresh water, electricity, telephone and television. Yachtsmen are considered clients of the San Rafael resort and have the right to use all the amenities of the hotel. Yachts arriving in Cyprus or departing from Cyprus can arrange customs and immigration documents in the harbor area.

The most popular route Italy - Greece - Cyprus - Israel operated by companies Salamis-Lines and Louis-Cruises. In the area between Greece and Cyprus to the frequency of the message is 3-x ships in the night. There is also a ferry service from Syria (Latakia), Egypt (Port Said), Lebanon (Beirut) and Israel (Haifa), but prices are much higher. The average cost of such cruises varies $ 250-$ 300 both sides. Full schedules and prices can be found on the website Salamis Lines. It is strongly recommended with particular care to clarify schedules and prices for ferries between Cyprus, Lebanon and Israel. Communication between these points repeatedly interrupted during periods of exacerbation of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Information valid as of August 2009 - resumed ferry service between Haifa (Israel) and Limassol. Tickets 2-4 berth cabins cost from 160 euros one way, including dinner and breakfast. In Israel, the company sells tickets Rosenfeld Shipping Lines (www.rosenfeld.net) And Cyprus Salamis Lines.

Travel to Cyprus by sea - not cheap, and often cheaper and faster to get the plane. Except regular ferries to Greece, all other destinations are cruise, which implies a high cost of tickets.

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