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101 life hacking of beauty that every woman should know

To beauty please you for many years need to take good care of appearance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes women need a little more cunning than the banal purchase of ready funds for maintenance. If you are ready to deal with deficiencies and environmental factors in every way, you just need to know the life hacking 101 from this collection! They neither nuance appearance and health will not go unnoticed!


1. I spend depending on the season. In winter, need good moisturizing products in the summer - the means with SPF-filters.
2. Use a minimum of makeup in the summer. Prefer light tonalnika moisturizer or BB-creams.
3. Apply the cream, mask and other products for the face along the massage lines. There is a double effect: care + massage.
4. Do not squeeze pimples. From this they were even more noticeable.
5. I jumped terrible red as a fire engine, a pimple? Do not panic! Moisten a cotton pad with eye drops from redness and place it on 3-5 minutes in the freezer. Then attach the pad to the inflamed area - a pimple becomes almost imperceptible.
6. To get rid of a small pimple also helps toothpaste. Apply it to the rash and leave to dry. Pimple will fade.
7. Be careful not to overdo it with bronzer, blush and highlighter. Less is better. Otherwise you will look like a doll.
8. To find the perfect shade of foundation, apply it on the chin line and evaluate how it fits you in the natural (day) light.
9. By toning the face, do not forget about the neck.
10. Remember the rule: first the tonal basis, then concealer. Not the other way around.
11. To properly disguise the blue under the eyes, draw a triangle corrector and gently blend it.
12. Concealer can mask the rash is not only the face but also on the body. For example, in the chest, when the clothes with the plunging neckline. Seal the spot corrector, and then powder the.
13. Apply highlighter on the cheekbones and under them - bronzer if you want to visually lift the cheekbones.
14. One tablespoon of cinnamon plus one teaspoon of cocoa + one teaspoon nutmeg + two teaspoons cornstarch = homemade bronzer.
15. Attach the index and middle fingers on the side of the nose to locate the point where you need to blush shade.
16. Enliven your face and give it a light color can be without makeup, if a little pinch myself for cheekbones.
17. If you have dry skin of the face, use a cream blush and powder.
18. Lipstick can be replaced blush, if they are not found in the purse. First apply lipstick on her hand, and then type in the brush or sponge.
19. If you need to remove shine from his face and touch up make-up and powder on hand not use baby powder or talcum powder for the body.
20. Means for removing make-up (milk, micellar water, etc.) perfectly clean the skin of paint, accidentally hit on the forehead or ears during hair coloring.
21. Take care of your skin: remove makeup as soon as come home, but not before bedtime.


22. Apply a drop of shea butter under the eyes, if you want to hide the gray circles under them.
23. Even poorly pigmented shadows can be bright if they applied to the base. As such, you can use white matte pencil.
24. If the powder is not approached you on the shade, use it as a shadow.
25. Instead, you can use shadow pencil to draw a few strokes and blend them thoroughly.
26. Shimmer in the corner of your eyes makes your eyes brighter and more expressive.
27. Gel for styling eyebrows can replace improvised products. For example, hair gel. Put it on the brush and lay the eyebrows.
28. Inflicting highlighter under the brow and over it, you instantly get unbuttoned look.
29. Do not throw away the brush from the carcass, if you prefer. Just wash it and move to a new mascara or use for combing eyebrows.
30. The usual underwater pencil can be converted into a stable gel with a simple trick. Just hold spearhead a few seconds over the fire (using a lighter or a candle).
How to turn an ordinary underwater in a helium
For a few seconds, and the pen will become more soft and bright
31. It ended liquid eyeliner? There is an exit! Draw arrows using a beveled brush and ink.
32. Apply a white pencil on the water line, if you want to hide the redness of the eyes.
33. Blue eyeliner to emphasize the depth of the water line gray eyes. Emerald eyeliner blue eyes give a greenish tint.
34. You do not know how to draw arrows? Try "spoon method".
35. The arrow has turned the curve? Do not rush to wash it - tweak the shape using the tapered brush and concealer.
36. Resistant liner from the gel can not only eliminate micellar using water, but also using conventional olive oil.
37. One coat of mascara + loose powder + = second layer of mascara luxury long eyelashes.
38. You want to make the eyes appear larger and more open gaze? Then paint over the lashes not to the temple and to the nose.
39. If painting the lashes you forever stained by ink or the skin under the eyes, do not wipe it immediately with a cotton swab or cotton pad. Wait for the ink to dry, and then whisk it with a brush for eyebrows.
40. The old credit card or business card is also unnecessary assistant for girls who are not very confident boss brush mascara. Lean card to age and safely paint the lashes from the roots.
41. Lumps and "spider legs" on the eyelashes - this is not a bad sign of the carcass. Just too much product on schёtke. Remove excess mascara from her before dyeing eyelashes.
42. If you use tweezers eyelash curler, the warm up before using them under a jet of hot air from a hair dryer. Cilia are obtained more curled.
43. To apply the glue on false eyelashes exactly, do it with the help of the tip of the invisible.
44. It's a pity to part with your favorite mascara, which is about to end? Remove the tube gum dispenser - beneath it hides many more products.
45. Soak the dried ink for five minutes in hot water if you want it "revive."
46. "Revive" mascara will also help a few drops of saline solution.


47. Easy Scrub lips: brushing teeth, brush and walk on his lips. Deadened otshelushatsya particles, menthol and improve circulation.
48. To lipstick does not stain teeth, lips grasp forefinger and gently pull it out of his mouth, without opening his lips.
49. You do not know how to pick out the contour of the lips? Try starting with a cross ( "X") under the depression of Cupid in the center of the upper lip, then mark the corners and connect the resulting line.
50. Apply lipstick with a brush, if you want to get a clear outline. Apply lipstick with your fingers, if you get a three-dimensional mouth.
51. Before lipstick, apply concealer on the lips contours and add a little highlighter into the cavity above the upper lip. This visually enhance lips.
52. Another trick, makes eye lips bigger and sexier - bright pearlescent shade, struck in the middle of the lip.
53. Want to lipstick kept for a long time? Nakraste lips, apply for them thin paper napkin and powder the lips through her crumbly powder.
54. Broke doroguschy lipstick? Do not worry! Heat remaining in the tube tip using lighters and firmly press it to the breakaway part. Then send the lipstick in the fridge for 15-30 minutes.
55. Plamper (means for giving volume) lip can be made with your own hands. Just add a drop of peppermint oil to your favorite lip gloss.
56. Vaseline + crisp eyeshadow = homemade lip gloss.


57. Do not wash your hair every day - from this they will quickly become contaminated. It dries the skin of the head and the body accepts it as a challenge - you need more fat.
58. The scalp is dry and strewn with dandruff? Rub it in burdock oil (sold in any drugstore).
59. If your hair is prone to fat content, do not apply conditioner from roots - do it, starting from the ear.
60. Make a mask from avocado to give your hair shine.
61. To get rid of split ends, tighten the lock into a spiral and otstrigite all protruding hairs.
62. Baby powder or talc - excellent alternative to dry shampoo, if that is not at hand.
63. Use a dry shampoo in the evening rather than the morning. During the night the excess powder debris, and you get more volume.
64. Use antistatic wipes impregnated with (usually they wipe the screen) to put unruly hair electrified.
65. That after blow-drying the hair is not bristled, sprinkle comb hair spray and walk her hair. Caution! Sprinkled with hair, not comb, you get the effect skleennosti.
66. Braid a few braids, walk on them utjuzhkom and then Unbraid hair. You get wavy curls that long to straighten.
67. To keep curls shape longer, curling perm start only after the hair is completely dry.
68. Studs and invisible slide on the hair? Before using, sprinkle hairpins varnish.
69. A couple of drops of perfume on the comb and plume favorite flavor will always be on your hair.


70. Use eye cream as cuticle care. He will nourish it better than special oils.
71. We need to erase paint, and a special liquid over? Apply to the nails clear varnish and erase it, to prevent dry. He will come down with the old coating.
72. Nail polish has dried up, and only the cap is twisted in his hands and did not open? Put it on a paper gum (for the money) and try again. Luck will be easier to keep and open.
73. Do not rush to throw out the boring shades of shadows. Chop them and mix with transparent nail polish. You will get a new tool for manicure.
74. Use a wide elastic band to create the perfect French manicure.
75. Painted nails and cuticles at the same time ... Familiar? To remove paint from the skin around the nail, before the creation of nail lubricate it with Vaseline.
76. Another option is to remove excess polish from the cuticle - to put a finger on PVA glue. It forms plyonochku, which is then easily removed with lacquer.
How to make up your nails and hands are not dirty
PVA glue forms a film, which is then easily removed together with the excess varnish
77. Oblomov nail? Do not worry! Paint the tips of the nails glossy lacquer - it will mask irregularities.


78. Want more moisture for your skin? Add in a little body lotion baby nourishing oil.
79. If you do not want the skin of the body in the winter much dried up, give up the admission of hot tubs: hot water washes away the protective fat from the skin. It is better to take a warm shower.
80. Keep hand cream on the shelf with dishes and anoint their hands every time after washing dishes.
81. Bought too coarse facial scrub? Use it to peel elbows and heels.
82. To feel the perfume all day, apply them correctly: on the wrist, earlobe, in the crook of the elbow, on the neck (near the midclavicular depression) and under the knee.
83. Do peels before using tanning.
84. If tanning is coming off evenly, then put on a sponge baking soda and rub dark spots.
85. legs and foam over to shave? Change her hair conditioner.
86. Almond oil + 30 drops of essential oil of tea tree + 30 drops of essential oil of mint = inhibitor of hair growth after hair removal.
87. Rub new shoes? Grease rubbing place antiperspirant. Shoes will be less dry and rub on his leg - the chance to earn less corn.
88. To get rid of corns, apply at night to dry corn thick layer of petroleum jelly or fat cream and put on socks. In the morning it is easy to remove corns.


89. In order not to be late, zavertevshis morning before the mirror, create a playlist of the length, how long do you give yourself to your morning routine. You'll get used to the order of the songs and hearing that is about to begin to play the latest, understand: you need to hurry.
90. Visit cosmetics stores with a list of purchases and do not agree to the entreaties of consultants to test the "supernovae". This will save you from impulsive spending.
91. Do not seek to be cosmetic products for all occasions - many tasks can handle grandmother's recipes.
92. Tubes are often only seem empty. Cut them and reload hiding in the corners and on the walls of the product in the jar. It turns out a bad economy!
93. Put invisible on a tube of toothpaste or cream and gradually move it to use the tool to the last drop.
94. Split shadows, compact powder or blush? Wet the cloth with alcohol and dab it cracked products. alcohol out of steam soon, and cosmetics will be like new.
95. Observe the balance: if eye makeup Shimmer is present, then give preference to matte lipstick. And vice versa.
96. Observe the balance number 2: intense eye makeup involves a light shade on the lips. Conversely, bright lips - a minimum of makeup on the eyes.
97. Tonalka stain the collar? Do not hurry to change. Apply a little shaving cream on the soiled spot and remove the stain with a damp cloth. Quickly and efficiently!
98. If clothes were sweat stains, before washing them squeeze a little lemon juice.
99. Keep the makeup brushes. Wash them at least once a week with warm water and baby shampoo.
100. Every six months audited in their make-up and dispose of products with expired shelf life.
101. Smile more! A smile makes you beautiful without makeup.


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