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11 tips on how to lose weight without exercise

If you are not in favor of exercise, and every visit to the gym a feat comparable to, but want to have a toned body, our advice is for you!

1. Compete with a

At the end of each week, put a "fitness"-a goal that you can implement in their daily lives: for example, find out how far you go through 30 minutes for an average speed of walking in the evening after work in the park and at the end of next week try for 30 minutes to go in 2 times more!

2. Less driving by car

Forgot to buy cheese or cereal for breakfast? Instead of going to the supermarket for cars, walk to the store on foot. If you prefer to travel to work by car, place it as far as possible from the entrance to the office.

3. Do not sit when you can stand

Talking to a friend on the phone, walk around the room or at least carry the weight from foot to foot. If you do not sit and stand in the subway, you can spend up to an additional 30 1 kcal per trip.

4. Use the stairs as a training

As an option - go up the escalator steps, rather than wait until he takes you to the subway exit. And for a while forget about the elevator, if you do not live above the sixth and seventh floors: fast climbing stairs for 7 minutes will help you burn up calories 40! Maybe you will not be able to immediately lose weight in the hips, but the leg muscles will thank you!

5. Do not be lazy to do things around the house

Arrange a large laundry: wash all the clothes, which can not be washed in the machine by hand. Do not like to wash? Then do not be too lazy to even wash the dishes for yourself or sweep the floor - it's not only contribute to strengthen the status cleanly hostess, but also help you burn extra calories 25.

6. More you walk

Let the console is not at hand, and the TV - so every time you get up when you want to switch to another channel. Instead of standing in line at the cash register, take a seat and walk around the store. At the same time remember that you forgot to buy. Returning home from work, get off the metro (bus) to stop earlier and walk home on foot - and minus 50 kcal you provided!

7. Communicate live

Instead use the "ICQ" or Skype, go to a colleague in the next room and talk to him or her the details of your project. And enough to put off the meeting with an old friend for later, when you will have more time: go together in the pool or take a stroll down the street at least 30 minutes.

8. Do two things at once

Place the front of the TV and any cardio wrap kilometers along with the heroes of the film. You can also teach lecture, sitting on a stationary bike, or to prepare for the next lesson courses in English.

9. Take a walk during your lunch break at work

Try to make 10-15-minute walk during your lunch break. If the work is no dining room, look for a cafe away from the office. Walk to the nearest bank or payment terminal - to put money on a mobile phone is never enough. As an option - clean the snow from the car.

10. Choose active leisure

Schedule joint active leisure - ice skating, go to an exhibition or a game of bowling. Can not meet up with friends - just take a trip out of town or walk for an hour or two in the park or forest.

11. Mash at work

At work, try not to sit still in the monitor screen. Every 30-40 minutes work out any movement: Stretch, run off to the bathroom to wash the cup or just go outside on 3-5 minutes to talk on the phone. Is not fitness for lazy?

Even if some of these tips will seem too simple - do not rush to dismiss. Just make it a rule to carry out at least 3-4 item from this list every day, and very soon you will feel much better.

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