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Beauty-trends 6 2014: the urgent throw and what to buy from cosmetics

That we can safely throw out cosmetics in the new year, and what to buy instead?

Face Tone: warm gold

IN! Tint beige and golden scales with an ultra-light translucent texture; the most natural tone with a slight glow; BB-CC-creams.

OUT! Tone ivory, light beige color with a low-fat liquid texture; dense matte tone.

A valuable indication. Application of primer under foundation helps give the skin a flawless, well-groomed, fresh look. Achieve a natural glow effect, you can use shimmer, primers with light reflecting particles and highlighter, causing them to just above the cheekbone apple cheeks, bridge of the nose, under the eyebrows and upper lip contour.

Eye Makeup: emeralds, pearls ...

IN! Mosaic with pearl, golden, iridescent emerald light shades of burgundy tint; pastel shades shades: pink, purple, blue, pale green; classic arrows, nude-eye makeup, colored (mnogoottenochnye) smoky eyes.

OUT! Such gamma eyeshadow like a silver, dark blue, purple, black; dramatic dark smoky eyes; broad arrows.

A valuable indication. Irrelevant and shadow with pearlescent laid on the entire eyelid. Use them only need to focus on specific areas, such as the inside corner of the eye and under the brow area. Take note: blue - the main color of the new season in eye makeup, and it's time to experiment with shadows and shades of blue arrows.

Lip Makeup: precious iridescence

IN! Iridescent shimmering shades of ruby ​​or fuchsia textured translucent gloss; bright matte lips scarlet red or burgundy color with a drop of clear gloss in the middle of the lower lip for greater color depth.

OUT! Bright pink lipstick and a saturated plum shades with textured gloss varnish; deep dark colors (wine, aubergine); lips, bleached tone; a large amount of gloss on the lips; clear outline of bright hues under a light lipstick.

A valuable indication. In the new season fashion show makeup artists offered us a choice of two major trends in makeup mouth: natural lip gloss with a bit of juicy and bright shades of lipstick - pink, orange and coral.

Makeup Cheeks: Frost and sun

IN! Effect "frosty" natural girlish blush (for winter) and light tan (for spring); cream blush bright colors - fuchsia, burgundy, berry; gel texture powder-pearl radiance.

OUT! Silvery-pink cool shades, dark bronze blush.

A valuable indication. Blush applied with fingertips to the apples of the cheeks - the most protruding cheekbones place during a smile.

Eyebrow shaping: Natiurlikh? Naturel!

IN! The natural shape and color of the eyebrows; thick wide "sable" eyebrows; eyebrow pencil isolated and slightly darker shades of natural color (for winter) or, alternatively, with the effect of a light burning in the sun (for spring).

OUT! Eyebrows-strings; very broad, "wild" eyebrows.

A valuable indication. Give well-groomed eyebrows and combing will follow "laying" a special transparent gel.

Manicure: coffee with milk? ..

IN! Dark shades - black, red, purple, chocolate; pastel shades - mint, terracotta, coral, olive, yellow, milk; Metallic paints shade - gold, silver, copper; Nail shape - oval, almond.

OUT! Neon varnishes; rhinestones, lyapistye patterns; shaped nails - "stiletto" square.

A valuable indication. Classic version of the French manicure goes by the wayside. Now popular inverted, lunar or colored jacket. Particularly fashionable to combine bold and vibrant colors instead of white and pink. Preferably dense coatings instead of transparent.

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