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7 female habits that are injurious to health and beauty

Often we forgive himself little weakness, which can later lead to bigger problems.

High Heel

Many women prefer to wear heels every day, which violates the correct posture and can lead to a variety of diseases, including arthritis, back pain and problems with the tendons. The most optimal size heel for everyday wear - 4 centimeters.

Heavy bags

With increasing number of gadgets and accessories, most women wear every day bags weighing several kilograms. From these loads after a while you may feel pain in the back and neck, as well as deterioration of posture. Do not wait for the appearance of all these problems. Try to carry less stuff, or use several bags for weight distribution.

Sleeping with makeup on his face

A considerable number of women are tempted to sleep with makeup on his face. However, not washing off makeup at night, you leave dirt on the skin that clogs pores and leads to inflammation.

Wrong bra size

70% of women wear the wrong bra size. This can cause a variety of health problems, including back pain, neck and chest, shortness of breath, worsening posture, skin irritation and poor circulation.

Jamming problems

Women tend to try to improve your mood or solve problems through food. Instead of seizing the problem, you better try to cheer up the other way. For example, shopping or just a walk in nature.

Not getting enough sleep

A study conducted by the University of Michigan, found that women are twice as likely than men to forgo sleep to take care of someone, for example, about the child or elderly parent. Lack of sleep affects mood and blood pressure. Therefore, it is important to be sure to get enough sleep.

Dislike for yourself

Women most often put their own needs last place in a series of economic needs and obligations. But we must not forget that first and foremost, you must love yourself, to find time to care for themselves and be able to say "no" to the suggestions and requests that you trouble.

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