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9 steps to slow aging

Scientists, doctors and beauticians claim that the aging process is easier to prevent than to deal with its consequences. What you need to take timely preventive maintenance, to not only look, but also feel younger, telling our experts.

In adulthood we often reap the fruits of indifference to his health in his youth. To avoid this, you need as soon as possible to begin to engage in anti-age-prevention and follow certain rules.

1. Eat a balanced

In his youth, when we actively expend calories and metabolism proceed smoothly, we can eat anything and in any quantity. Over the years, the metabolism slows down, it leads to excess weight, the deposition of salts, toxins, and, as a consequence, to the deterioration of health.

"Firstly, the need to have at least three times a day. Gap over 5 hours slows the metabolism, the body adjusts to the saving of energy consumption, - says Oleg Iryshkin, expert nutritionist network X-Fit fitness club. - Secondly, use only fresh products. Semi-prepared foods with preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers contribute to the accumulation of toxins. Third, limit refined carbohydrates and fast food. They immediately raise blood sugar levels. Eat more protein foods (fish, poultry, meat) and try to eat at least 300 300 grams of vegetables and fruits grams a day. "

2. Get rid of bad habits

Smoking and alcohol, as well as poor diet, lead to slagging the body and the early appearance of the first signs of aging. "Smoking affects the skin in general. He becomes dull and acquires a yellowish-brown hue - says cosmetologist Natalia Nikolaeva, author of "Beauty without surgery: 10 youth markers." - A alcohol and drinks containing caffeine, contributes to the overall dehydration. "

Without moisture cells age faster, and all metabolic processes are slowed down. This is not to mention the fact that the bad habits will inevitably lead to various diseases.

3. Move more and exercise

"Any movement, with or without load, helps maintain the mobility of joints and not to lose the collagen tissue. People leading a sedentary lifestyle, often suffer from degenerative disc disease - warns Ruslan Panov, expert methodologist and coordinator of the fitness clubs X-Fit group programs. - Regular exercise strengthens and cardio-respiratory system, preventing the occurrence of tachycardia and coronary artery disease.

Become a sportier never too late. People of mature age is better to start with yoga, dance or group training entry-level (all of them provide a good base load). Also for beginners of all ages "shows" Pilates, trekking (training on treadmills) and cycling (simulated ride on a racing bike). "

4. Be screened regularly

With age, many suddenly find themselves in a chronic disease that can be identified at an early stage. In order to "catch" and adjust any change in the body, it is important to undergo regular medical examinations, or its modern equivalent - a comprehensive diagnostic check-up (Check-up).

In the prevention of aging skin importantly - a thorough wetting

"Anyone who cares about their health every year since 18 years should undergo a basic check-up - says Oksana Chashina, anti-aging doctor-medicine network of clinics" The Fifth Element ". - Use it to check the status of the vital systems of the body, make sure that everything is in order, or in a timely manner to identify violations. Basic check-up includes general and biochemical blood tests, urine tests, ECG, spirometry, ultrasound of internal organs and thyroid gland, etc.

If the patient has a complicated history, have a chronic disease or a genetic predisposition, it is extended to pass a check-up with additional examinations, such as assays for tumor markers, vascular ultrasound, etc. This health check allows you to learn about the possible risks and take timely action. "

5. DO obshcheukrepljajushchee PROCEDURES

"Different types of massages, seaweed wraps, stone therapy and heliotherapy - is not only a way to pamper themselves - says the doctor-physiotherapist Maria Romanova, Head of the Department of Aesthetic Medicine and Rehabilitation Medical SPA« Lapino ". - Such procedures activate the body's defenses, the tissue is saturated with oxygen, essential trace elements and vitamins.

An interesting way in the short term to improve the state of health and state - is cryotherapy. Scientific evidence shows that exposure to extreme cold stress (-110 ° C), improves muscle tone and mobility of joints, stimulates the metabolism and reproductive function, as well as strengthens the immune system. " Important note - all restorative procedures it is important to undergo a course of 10-15 sessions.

6. Care for the skin

Everyone knows that in the prevention of aging skin importantly - a thorough wetting. And home care is useful to supplement the salon treatment.

"Modern techniques (such as ultrasound or biorevitalization moisturizing) solve the problem of dehydration of the epidermis, stimulate the production of collagen fibers, improves complexion, removes even deep wrinkles, - says Elena Samohvalova, the doctor-dermatologist" OTTIMO clinic. " - Another effective antiage-technique - photorejuvenation. Skin affected by light of high intensity flows, which eliminates the early signs of aging skin, stimulate collagen production and enhance metabolism.

Alcohol and caffeinated beverages, contributes to the overall dehydration

In order to prevent salon treatment can be carried out starting from the 18-19 years, when indicated. Much depends on the individual characteristics of the skin, heredity, lifestyle and even profession. So, athletes, stewardesses, models and actresses dehydrated skin more and more. "

7. beat stress

"During cortisol nervous strain, which is the main hormone stress increases. This in turn stimulates cellular inflammation. In addition, cortisol and other "defensive" hormones inhibit the processes of cell renewal, and this affects the appearance of the skin, and on the health condition of the body ", - says cosmetologist Natalia Nikolaeva.

How to beat stress? Everyone has their own recipes. Someone makes a good sleep, chat with family, favorite hobbies, physical activity, a balanced diet, meditation. Another may need professional help. In any case, control stress is very important for preserving youth.

8. FOLLOW healthy teeth

Dental problems are forced to look a lot older. "In order to remain healthy teeth and did not change their position, they should be cleaned at least 2 right twice a day, eat more solid plant foods (fruits, vegetables), reduce the amount of sweets and fizzy drinks, smoking cessation, as well as attend vracha 2 dentist once a year "- reminds Stanislav Vafin, chief physician dental Swiss Smile clinic.


Perhaps the most frightening in terms of age, we seem to be changes that affect the brain and the nervous system. "As we age, the brain as a physiological body functions less intensively, but intellectual skills, the power of abstract thought and its individual features can be still pronounced, - said Joseph A. Ilardo, the author of a practical guide "When the parents grow old." - The quality of thought is largely determined by its level of difficulty, and by how accurately she interprets reality. In addition, the research found that human intelligence increased as a result of exercise, like his physical forces. "

The author makes an encouraging, albeit unexpected for many the conclusion: man is able to learn at any age, his intelligence is not necessarily exposed to destruction. So if you want to save over the years, the ability to think clearly and rationally, do not be afraid to learn new things and learn.

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