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Deodorants and antiperspirants: how to choose the appropriate means

Saving clothes from stains and nerves from the test: choose an antiperspirant with the help of an expert.

All human beings, without exception, are sweating, but somehow the use of antiperspirants questions fall into the area of ​​taboo "gray" themes. We can discuss a much more intimate depth of wrinkles but shy to talk about what means to save the armpits from wet spots? We fill the gaps in these delicate matters with the help of the director of the International Laboratory Didier Garnier deodorants Ganebena.

1. Antiperspirant or deodorant?

The reason for the meeting with Didier: a new series of Garnier Neo with a special spray that creates a soft cloud means. Until released 4 flavor, fragrance free version - the work, the brand promises to launch it very soon. Although the vast majority prefers flavored version of statistics.

Remember the basics of the basics: antiperspirants are struggling with sweat and odor, deodorants only mask the odor. But while they still continue to buy, "Ironically, deodorants market is still quite extensive - says Didier Ganeben. - In Russia, for example, male audience loves it deodorants, and women are more demanding on the Protection and antiperspirants are choosing more often. "

In principle, this extraordinary fact explains why the summer in the subway is so difficult to coexist with men.

While one of the constituents of the formula deodorants - alcohol, and it is known to have antibacterial activity. And it gives you the opportunity not too conscientious producers to talk about that and deodorants are fighting then. Still, the efficiency is low, and to protect in this case it is better not count. And deodorants often applied to the whole body, oblivious to the fact that alcohol is very dry skin.

2. Aluminum salts are harmful?

"This is by far the only safe ingredient that is guaranteed to work in antiperspirants - utverzhaet Didier Ganeben. - It does not block time completely, because it is hardly possible with the help of cosmetic products, that is, you will still sweat, but not so intense. If we imagine an open pore sweat gland, aluminum salts are concentrated around pore openings and slightly decrease its diameter. In recent years, there were attempts to develop alternative components, but given the lack of scientific basis and the security checks, I would not recommend to experiment. aluminum salts, at least checked. "

3. How do the "long-playing" means?

Citrus deodorant Weleda; antiperspirant cream Kiehl's; roll-on deodorant-antiperspirant Vichy 48 hours; Ball antiperspirant Biotherm Deo Pure; deodorant with sage and mint Dr. Hauschka; deodorant with essential oils and soda Lush Teo

In fact, when using antiperspirant constant pore size is reduced even with a minimum concentration of aluminum salts (that used in conventional vehicles). Therefore, more appropriate to say that it is a kind of cumulative effect, which give all antiperspirants. "On average, conventional antiperspirant action on the skin thus prepared is enough for about 48 hours, then return to the same pore size, and we begin to sweat with the same intensity - Didier says. - But this effect does not arise from a single application. "

4. Spray, cream or stick?

The formulas of these funds do not differ, so we need only choose based on ease of use. Ball and version cream applied in a single layer, but even in this case, the layer can be quite dense. Sprays also in theory designed to maximize the application of thin, but for this they need to be used quickly and efficiently.

5. How to make so that the clothes do not get dirty?

Black tops are gray, white - yellow. How to avoid this prospect? "Pot mixed with components means can indeed give such an undesired effect, - said Didier, - in this case it is important to apply the minimum amount of antiperspirant. Work he will, and so, more in this example does not mean better. A second possible reason for the appearance of spots - alcohol. With this all even easier: Apply the product on dry skin and wait for complete drying. This is a common problem, so we used Neo formula special dry esters that dry instantly ".

The trick associated with long lasting effect: Use antiperspirant every day for a week. And then use the fact that the pores have narrowed: apply it preventively in the evenings, but not after the morning shower. Act it will continue, and the clothes will definitely be safe.

6. With or without perfume, which is better?

In the matter of the choice of flavor deodorant play an important role stereotypes. Approximately half of these funds active wearer thinks, for example, a deodorant can and should be replaced by spirits (because both smells, and why pay twice). On the male audience as we do, and in Europe influenced Axe promotional videos, and it marks our expert: "Men often applied deodorant exactly as shown on television all over the body, sometimes even forgetting about the armpits."

Taking this opportunity, we want to say: guys, this does not work, the angels do not arrive, the girl in the elevator did not pounce.

7. Are there any alternatives?

Aluminium salts in recent years trying to replace zinc and zirconium salts: these components are approximately on the same principle, but in contrast to the first not fully explored, so means to study the compositions addiction. "Natural" alternative to antiperspirants - crystals or alum: it really is potassium sulfate and alumina, close relatives of the very salt. There are weaker, so they are usually all the same mark as deodorants. In the commonly used alternatives have also soda and starch absorbing sweat, and essential oils which act as preservatives and perfumes simultaneously. To use from time to time they are quite fit (for example, in the gym, where sweat, on the contrary, necessarily), but they are quite weak for effective daily protection.

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