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Results 2013: cosmetic opening year

What pleased us passing year? What appeared new items, new ingredients, new technology and beauty treatments?


In place of VV-creams - light multi-functional tonal products, caring for the skin and struggling with cosmetic problems, in 2013 came a new generation of advanced tonal products - SS-creams. If abbreviation BB stands for Blemish Balm - "balm from imperfections", CC can be "translated" as Color Correcting, or Color Control - "color correction", "color control". In fact, SS creams are an improved tonal version of the precursors: they have less oil components and are more suitable for oily skin, BB creams have only a slight toning effect, and masking abilities of SS-creams are much higher. In addition, the latter are more resistant. The main thing is that despite the fact that many call the new trend a marketing move, there are more choices. We are looking forward to the new year of DD-creams. Why not?

SS-cream Superdefense CC Cream SPF 30 Colour Correcting Skin Protector, Clinique (about 1 500 rub.).

CC-cream "Absolute perfection», Lumene (about 400 rub.).

Cosmetics with signal peptides

Signal, or bioregulatory peptides, have long been used in medicine and have become one of the main ingredients in cosmetology in the outgoing year. And not only because peptide cosmetics is currently experiencing a peak in popularity. In many cases, it is really necessary to do without it! The fact is that after many cosmetic procedures, skin cells require a kind of "command" for more active work, division, recovery, etc., but with age, its own signal peptides work worse. And if the team does not act, the effect that was so popular in the first days after the procedure, quickly comes to naught. Now it is understandable why many of us were disappointed with the result after biorevitalization, mesotherapy or plazmolifting! To consolidate and improve the results, the corresponding cosmetic care was not enough. We take a note and next time we ask the dermatocosmetologist to choose the appropriate means. To search for them costs at Forlle'd, ТЕТе Cosmeceutical, Vivescence and at other professionals specializing on hi-tech cosmetics.

Infrared filters Sun Protection

Absolutely new trend in sunscreen cosmetics. As researchers found, skin protection is required not only from UVA UVB rays, but also from infrared responsible for the aging process, no less. Means with infrared filters appeared in Lancaster, SkinCeuticals, La Roche-Posay and many other brands. A Canadian scientists presented at the beginning of a new year 2013 sunscreen Elix-IR, protects collagen fibers from destruction by infrared rays, has already won numerous awards for professional exhibitions. In general, the trend of fashion safe tan will not be soon.

Cream formula protection against infrared radiation "Shining tan» Comfort Touch Cream Gentle Tan SPF 50, Lancaster (about 1500 rub.).

"Filler" of a double chin

Until recently, completely to get rid of the expressed double chin could only be radically - with the help of liposuction and braces. Therefore, the new methodology of the pharmaceutical company Kythera Biopharmaceuticals (USA), which appeared in 2013, promises not only to become one of the main discoveries of the outgoing year, but also to make a revolution in cosmetology. The new drug ATX-101, now awaiting FDA approval, should rid of the second and even third chins quickly and permanently. The formula is based on the synthesized deoxycholic acid present in our body and responsible for the splitting of fatty deposits. The drug is introduced as a filler on the contour of the chin, only the action is different: it does not add volume, but, on the contrary, removes it. Depending on the severity of the problem, you need to make one to four injections at a certain interval - and for at least a couple of years you can forget about the problem.

"Cloning" Hair

As is known, when hair is transplanted, hair follicles are "cut" from one site and transplanted to another. It hurts, there are scars, besides, sometimes there is simply nowhere to take hair for a transplant. Problem! One of the most high-profile scientific discoveries of the year in the field of aesthetic medicine is the method of "growing" new hair follicles in vitro, proposed by several groups of scientists. Initially, researchers from Columbia University in the United States and the University of Durham in the UK conducted a hasty experiment on the isolation of cells from hair follicles and their subsequent cloning in the laboratory, that is, growing several follicles from one follicle. And their colleagues from the University of Pennsylvania found that it is possible to grow new follicles from precursor cells, the so-called papillary skin cells. We are waiting for the discoveries to come true!

Bleaching gloves

Means for bleaching the skin in the outgoing year appeared a lot. The most unusual is the bleaching gloves Dgloves, a product of the joint creativity of the Swiss cosmetic concern Induchem and the Canadian company Biomod, specializing in new technologies in clothing. The glove tissue is impregnated with a special complex containing bleaching and rejuvenating components. If one wears gloves at least 6-8 hours (the inventors advise putting them on overnight), after a week the skin cells will practically recover from damage caused by ultraviolet, and the skin of the hands will become smoother and moisturized (exact scientific data - the content in the skin of hyaluronic acid will increase by 84%), and after a month the pigment spots will practically disappear. How much will the novelty cost, we learn at the very end of the year, when gloves will appear in wide sale, first in Asia and next year and in Europe.

Anti-cellulite jeans

A few years ago, the Miss Sixty brand launched a line of jeans, trousers and skirts from tissue impregnated with serum with retinol - one of the most popular and effective cosmetic ingredients used, among other things, to fight the orange peel. But medical experts spread the "innovation" to the nines, declaring anti-cellulite clothing as nothing more than a marketing move. A similar novelty 2013 promises to be more successful: the creation of anti-cellulite jeans, the Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovich (Alexandre Herchcovich) and the scientists who helped him spent more than five years. They do not promise to get rid of cellulite, but to prevent its development - for sure. The secret of the "formula" in a special tissue containing unique artificial fibers that accumulate the heat of the body and transform it into infrared rays, after which they are transferred to the skin, stimulating the problem areas. Thus, microcirculation and cellular metabolism improve, fat cells do not expand, in a word, the chances for cellulite are minimal.

Seamless blepharoplasty

Know-how in blepharoplasty is a fibrin glue that has long been used in neurosurgery and in operations on internal organs. The component is absolutely natural, based on two protein compounds, which accelerate the healing. The first method was used by the British plastic surgeon Julian De Silva (Julian De Silva), and the results exceeded expectations: on average, the cuts are delayed in a week against 3-6 weeks, necessary for the healing of traditional sutures. By the way, the method has reached Russia, too, so if you are thinking about blepharoplasty, it's worth asking the question. After all, the hospital will last less!

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