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How to become beautiful for 5 minutes

Bronzer - № 1 thing in your cosmetic bag

Late and woke up late for work? Use bronzer instead of the usual step makeup. For applying bronzer use a large brush, distribute powder all over the face, it will give him a warm glow. And then apply a little more bronzer on your cheekbones, using a small brush to apply shadow to add a little area between the eyelid and eyebrows. You can also apply a little bronzer on her lips, and then cover them with glitter.

Use neutral tones

Neutral tones not emphasize makeup missteps as bright. Besides, beige, brown, mauve and brown shades look natural on the skin.

Find your perfect tone: select the one that is slightly darker than the natural color of your eyelids.

Perfect view

Nothing punctures makeup as hastily deposited ink. If you are late all the time, the perfect option for you would be the eyelash. The procedure is painless, and the effect will delight you for a long time, because your mind is always expressive, and you will not exert any effort. When quality made the procedure may need to re-two months later.

Simple manicure

Bright varnish often update, tint all chipped edges. Especially frustrating to find errors in manicure morning when you are already late. Therefore, instead of using bright colors paints clearcoat with vitamins. It will not only look manicured nails and strengthen them, but also helps to preserve your manicure ok.

Wash only a bang

Not necessarily wash their hair every morning. In order to improve the appearance just enough to wash with shampoo bangs, dry and tuck it. Besides bangs - always the greasy part of hairstyles, because of excess sebum and sweat from your forehead.

Not leaving streaks

Going in a hurry, no time to wait until the deodorant is completely absorbed into the skin. Besides the terrible band deodorant can ruin any clothes. Apply deodorant as early as possible before you start to dress.

Do two things at once

When you dry your hair, interrupt briefly while they are still slightly damp to apply moisturizer on your face. And while he is absorbed, you can dosushit hair. And to give them extra volume, direct the flow of cold air in the temples.

Additional moisture

If after applying the cream you have a little on hand, you can gently massage it into your hair. This will give them extra moisturizing.

Protect your skin

Instead of individually use a cleanser and toner, wash your face with a tool which includes salicylic acid. Thanks to this ingredient, better skin cleared and removes dead skin cells.

Get rid of bags under the eyes

No time to lie down with cucumber slices or tea bags under your eyes?

Here are some tips:

Adjust your menu: eliminate salty foods such as potato chips and French fries. They retain water and this leads to swelling of the eyes.

Sleeping on a high pillow, it will also help reduce swelling. If the cause of the swelling eye allergy, talk to your doctor about treatment.

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